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What is PrinterLogic?

and how does serverless printing work?


PrinterLogic is the world leader in providing companies of every size an easy to use, scalable serverless printing infrastructure.

Yes, PrinterLogic was created so that IT professionals like you, who are tired of dealing with print servers, can easily create a serverless, direct IP print environment that is simple and scalable.

Let me show you how it works:

  1. Migrate – Automatically import your existing printer objects
  2. Manage – Centrally manage printer objects, drivers, profiles & settings
  3. Deploy – Push new printers and updates to end users without scripting or GPOs
  4. Print – Centrally manage Direct IP printing without any print servers

PrinterLogic makes it possible to manage your entire print environment behind a single pane of glass

Yes, PrinterLogic is a true SaaS platform that supports native print drivers while keeping print jobs local.

  • Create, remove or edit printers individually or in bulk from one screen
  • Monitor and manage printer queues, even in globally distributed organizations
  • Perform audits on your entire print environment
  • Update drivers, change profile settings and create custom configuration

Reduce infrastructure

Regardless of how complex your print environment may be, you can completely eliminate print servers with PrinterLogic. Distributed? VDI? Cloud-first? Ultra-secure? There’s no corporate printing scenario that PrinterLogic’s serverless print infrastructure can’t handle or improve. Imagine never having to worry about print servers again, while you are saving valuable time and energy.

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Decrease help desk calls

How much time does your IT support team spend on help desk tickets for printing? By streamlining your print infrastructure with PrinterLogic, end users are empowered to easily and safely install printers – along with the necessary drivers – just by clicking on an icon. Our customers have reported that PrinterLogic has helped them significantly reduce help desk calls.

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Improve security

PrinterLogic itself is built on a unique centrally managed direct IP model. By routing print jobs straight from the client to the printer, print traffic stays on the local network. Most cloud printing solutions require the print jobs to cross the WAN, which creates intercept points for malicious actors. We are also hosted with AWS and have been recognized as an AWS Advanced Technology Partner that has passed the AWS Well-Architected review for security, performance and resiliency. So PrinterLogic is not only in compliance with AWS best practices, it also inherits all of the benefits of AWS cloud security.

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