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VDI Printing

Fed up with inconsistent VDI printing? PrinterLogic eliminates the complexities and high costs of VDI printing and seamlessly integrates with the world’s top VDI solutions.

How it Works

  • Leverage existing front end printing infrastructure
  • Deploy native printer drivers directly to user workstations
  • Compress print job traffic using standard VDI protocols
  • Spool jobs on user workstations & print directly to printers
  • Support auto-deployments for Session Printing

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Cutting-Edge VDI Printing

IGEL Integration

Deliver a secure, uniform print experience for end users and install direct IP printers on any IGEL OS-powered endpoint device.

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Citrix Integration

Address any Citrix print-related issues with our powerful web-based Admin Console and intuitive Self-Service Installation Portal.

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VMware Integration

Improve operational efficiency across your entire VMware print environment with a simplified, scalable, and cost-effective VDI printing solution.

Microsoft Integration

Easily configure advanced deployments and eliminate scripting and GPOs with a device-agnostic print solution designed for Windows Virtual Desktop.


ROI was a key factor in choosing PrinterLogic. We rolled it out in under one day. Now thin-client printer deployment is fully automated and effortless. And PrinterLogic has done away with repetitive manual print-related changes and setup.

Chris Williams – Senior Systems Administrator

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Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) Printing with PrinterLogic
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From The Blog:

Rather than try to replace the native virtual desktop printing capabilities of a particular VDI solution, PrinterLogic augments and enhances those capabilities. That enables our advanced print-management solution to integrate seamlessly with popular virtual solutions like Citrix and VMware in even the most specialized and challenging environments. By the same token, PrinterLogic introduces more control and flexibility into the print environment, providing admins with a VDI printing platform that works with them, not against them.


customers had 100% ROI with 45% reporting above 200%


of surveyed organizations reduced remote server infrastructure by 30% or more


of customers are likely to recommend PrinterLogic


Why is traditional VDI printing difficult?

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With traditional VDI printing, administrators don’t have the tools to reliably and automatically provision the right printers to the right users across an organization. An additional pain point of virtual desktop printing approaches is the burden they place on the IT helpdesk and admins. Helpdesk calls and support tickets are expensive, time-consuming, and hinder an organization’s ability to grow.

What are the benefits of VDI printing with PrinterLogic?

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Along with eliminating print servers, PrinterLogic’s VDI printing solution allows admins to easily set up location-based printing with advanced deployments—no GPOs or scripting required. We also have Self-Service Installation Portal which empowers end users to install their own printers via a floor plan map or list and reduces print-related helpdesk calls.

How does VDI printing work in hybrid work environments?

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PrinterLogic offers advanced security features that cater to every hybrid work scenario. Our Off-Network Printing solution—part of our Advanced Security Bundle—lets you keep printers on your most secure networks while still allowing all workers to print, regardless of which network they’re on.

How is VDI printing with PrinterLogic secure?

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PrinterLogic’s next-generation VDI printing solution establishes one-to-one connections between the user’s workstation and the printer. Not only does this make your VDI printing experience faster and more robust, but it also takes your print server out of the equation—which is subject to vulnerabilities like PrintNightmare. Plus, customers have access to Secure Release Printing which holds jobs on the user’s workstation and can only be released when the user authenticates at the printer via badge, smartphone, or login.

Which VDI solutions does PrinterLogic integrate with?

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PrinterLogic integrates with popular VDI solutions like Citrix, IGEL, VMware, and Microsoft.

Does PrinterLogic support Mobile Printing?

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Yes. Any authorized device, regardless of operating system or manufacturer, is equipped to leverage our Mobile Printing feature. And Mobile Printing works with any network printer—so even legacy printing devices can become part of your enterprise mobile printing infrastructure. This feature is available for iOS and Android devices.