EMR Printing

How it Works

Keep printer objects across your EMR print servers synchronized and updated with a single pane of glass.

  • Centrally manage printer objects across all EMR print servers
  • Simultaneously push printers, settings, and updates to EMR print servers
  • Reduce the amount of time needed to manage EMR printing
  • Reduce errors caused by non-centralized EMR print management


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"Now that we use PrinterLogic, we can simply push one update and it will be automatically taken care of across all servers and printers. This has drastically reduced the time spent troubleshooting, and has eliminated the need to check every print server. Our deployment time for new printers is now incredibly fast—we just push once, and it’s done."

 Craig Myers

Senior Technical Specialist

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With PrinterLogic as your Epic printing solution, you immediately have access to centralized management and automatic propagation of changes. Our solution’s web-based management portal allows you to administer your entire print environment—no matter how distributed—from a single pane of glass, and any changes you make can be instantly synchronized across any number of EPSs throughout your organization. That saves time and reduces the likelihood of mistakes, as OhioHealth discovered when simplifying its Epic printing environment by deploying PrinterLogic’s print management software.


of healthcare customers had 100% ROI or more


reduction of time spent on print management by the majority of healthcare customers


of customers were able to reduce print-related help desk calls by more than half