Secure Off-Network Printing

Keep your network secure while making it easier to print with PrinterLogic SaaS. Make Off-Network Printing your solution for adopting a Zero Trust Network Architecture.

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Connecting Security and Convenience


Zero Trust Printing

In a mobile world, companies often face two key IT printing challenges: How to manage printing in a Zero Trust Network Architecture, and how to provide easy, intuitive printing access to contractors, BYOD guests, and affiliate partners without VPNs or web portals.


Simplified Printing for Hybrid Workers

PrinterLogic’s Off-Network Printing solution lets you keep printers on your most secure networks while still allowing all workers to print. That’s because they can print from any network, bridging the gap between the demands for better network security and the disconnects that occur for any worker or partner trying to print from outside the organization’s firewall.


Off-Network Printing: How It Works

Off-Network Printing allows users with internet access, from any location, to send print jobs to a printer located behind the company firewall without a VPN or special firewall rules. Two components make the solution work: the External Gateway and the Internal Routing Service.

The External Gateway receives incoming print jobs from remote workstations, their user identity, and a trusted certificate over a safe TLS connection. The Internal Routing Service resides behind your firewall and maintains a constant outbound connection with the External Gateway to watch for print jobs. When the External Gateway receives a print job, the Internal Routing Service opens a new connection for that job and downloads and delivers it to the designated printer.

Key Benefits of Off-Network Printing

Enhanced Security

Confidential data doesn’t remain at rest in the cloud and stays encrypted until it is behind your organization’s firewall.

End-To-End Encryption

Print jobs are encrypted at their origination point and routed through the PrinterLogic SaaS gateway service to their destination printer.

Native, Intuitive Printing

Off-Network Printing mimics regular printing so there’s no need to train employees on using a new product for off-site printing.

Hybrid Worker Support

Allows hybrid workers to print to a corporate network printer from anywhere, at any time.

Secure Release Printing

Maintain document confidentiality by holding print job until the user or a collaborator goes to the printer and authenticates.

Reduce Infrastructure Costs

Eliminate VPNs, hosting services, and external access portals that were used to accommodate previous remote printing needs.

Mobile Compatibility

Supports iOS and Android devices without needing to install client-side software.

Eliminate Old-School Workarounds

Save time and cut costs by eliminating old off-network methods like emails, direct mail, and third-party printing services.

Off-Network Cloud Printing

Gain access to a cloud-based solution that eliminates local footprints and ensures users are authenticated every time they print.

Get On Board With Off-Network Printing

Start taking the steps toward a Zero Trust Printing Infrastructure and see Off-Network Printing in action.


Why Off-Network Printing?


The Evolving Workforce

Remote work has become a mainstay following the COVID-19 pandemic. Gartner estimates that 31% of all employees worldwide are now working remotely or taking on hybrid roles. The rise in remote workers could be problematic for organizations, potentially exposing them to vulnerabilities if a Zero Trust framework is not in place.


Expand Your Print Security

PrinterLogic’s Off-Network Printing feature offers a simple, secure printing solution for an expanding remote workforce. Without the costs and complications of resorting to a VPN or a web printing portal, employees working from remote offices can send a print job to a secure network printer using any ISP. To adhere to Zero Trust standards, data is encrypted before being routed through the internet and are not unencrypted until they are behind the company’s firewall.

PrinterLogic isn’t just your standard serverless printing solution. Because of how feature-rich the solution is, you can easily mold things to suit each client’s unique environment. It fills a huge void based on what we see in the marketplace because print-from-anywhere technology is the future of our workforce.”

— Joe Maynard | Networked Solutions Manager, Symquest

Avoid Financial Bust With Zero Trust


of companies have adopted Zero Trust as a foundational model across their enterprise.

Via Optiv (2022)


year-over-year growth rate for Zero Trust Network Architecture.

Via Gartner (2022)


of organizations say the benefits of Zero Trust “matched or exceeded” expectations.

Via Optiv (2022)

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Zero Trust? What does it do for my business?

The Zero Trust Network Architecture (ZTNA) isn’t based on location and employment status. Instead, it requires every user to verify their identity using reliable techniques such as dual-factor authentication. A structured Zero Trust Architecture leads to streamlined network infrastructure, improved user experience, and boosted cyber threat defense.

How does Off-Network Printing serve the needs of remote workers?

An employee working from a remote office using any ISP can send a print job to a secure network printer without the cost and complexity of a VPN or resorting to a web printing portal. Off-Network Printing cuts infrastructure costs and lessens the need for home office inkjet devices.

What’s the difference between Off-Network Printing and Off-Network Cloud Printing?

The difference between the two features is the way the print job travels. Off-Network printing leverages PrinterLogic’s custom Internal Routing Service to authenticate and process print jobs. Off-Network Cloud Printing eliminates the need for local print-routing infrastructure and resides as an application on the printers that check and receive incoming print jobs.

Why is the demand for Off-Network Printing increasing?

The workforce is changing. Remote employees are the new normal, and businesses rely more on contractors and guest workers. All these workers need access to business apps and network resources—from various locations. However, some of these workers may not have network access or have limited access altogether but still need to be able to print securely to their company’s network printers. Off-Network Printing plugs the gap between network security and remote workers needing to print while outside of the company firewall.

Does Off-Network Printing work with mobile devices?

Yes. PrinterLogic’s Off-Network Printing feature supports iOS and Android devices. This is extremely useful for field sales and organizations that have made tablets their standard-issue computing platform.

What PrinterLogic platforms support Off-Network Printing?

PrinterLogic’s Off-Network Printing feature is included in PrinterLogic’s SaaS and Virtual Appliance platforms. SaaS offers the most flexibility in terms of configuration options.

Does Off-Network Printing support Secure Release Printing?

Yes. Secure Release Printing is especially helpful because the person who initiates the print job may not be near the printer. The print job is held on their computer until they go to the printer and authenticate, keeping confidential information out of unwanted hands. Users can verify their identity using various release techniques including badge release, touchless smartphone release, or entering their credentials on the printer’s control panel.

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