Serverless Chromebook Printing

Migrate from Google Cloud Print to a highly scalable SaaS print management solution for your organization.


Simplify Chromebook Printing and Quit Deploying Servers!

Migrate from Google Cloud Print

Using PrinterLogic’s Chrome OS Extension, easily migrate from Google Cloud Print.

Support a Mixed-OS Environment

Deliver flexible print management with one solution for all endpoints at any scale.

Cloud-native SaaS Solution

Implement a highly available, multi-tenant SaaS solution with no server deployments.

Centrally Manage Printing

Manage all printers and deployments from one admin console.

Eliminate Print Servers

Save on management costs and helpdesk resources while reducing IT infrastructure.

Secure Your Print Data

Keep print jobs local and secure with centralized direct IP printing.

Get Started with PrinterLogic's Chrome OS Extension

See PrinterLogic in action

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Start your free trial

PrinterLogic can run in parallel with your existing environment with zero downtime or disruptions. We’ll help you set up a free 30-day trial.

Say goodbye to your print servers

Start eliminating your dependency on print servers and migrate from Google Cloud Print. Any user, any device, anywhere. It’s really that simple.

From a standpoint of simplicity, ease of setup, and cost savings, PrinterLogic’s Chrome OS Client Extension made it possible for us to put a lot more Chromebooks out there and update our print environment all at once.”

—Amy Sharo, Saber Healthcare Group

How It Works

  1. Deploy Chrome OS Client Extension to Chromebooks or users from Google Admin Console
  2. Manage printers and deployment settings in the PrinterLogic Admin Console
  3. Send print jobs directly to network printers from the Chrome OS device

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Empower End Users with Advanced Features

Advanced Reporting — Track print activity across your organization down to the user level

Secure Release — Release jobs securely with leading cloud-based identity providers

Self-Service Portal — Users can easily find and install printers with a single click

The #1 Print Management Software on G2