It’s Time to Go Serverless

Legacy print architectures are a thing of the past with our centrally managed direct IP printing solution. See what simplified print management looks like.



PrinterLogic Offers a Complete Serverless Solution

Printer Servers Are Costly and Unsecure

Between hardware, licensing, and maintenance, print servers are an expensive part of many IT budgets. They also require a lot of labor between scripting, GPOs, and helpdesk tickets. Add in the security risks inherent with a single point of failure and the numerous spooler vulnerabilities, and it’s easy to see serverless is the way to be.

Serverless Printing Is the Future

There’s a better way to manage print: a centrally managed direct IP solution. With PrinterLogic, you can eliminate your print servers, manage users and drivers from a single pane of glass, and keep your network secure with a Zero Trust infrastructure. That means easier print management while reducing costs.

Key Benefits of Serverless Printing

Centralized Management

Eliminate your print servers and manage all of your organization’s printing from a single location via PrinterLogic’s Admin Console.

Simple Implementation

Easily configure PrinterLogic SaaS and additional security features without reconstructing your current print environment.

Unlimited Scalability

Adapt to your organization’s needs with a solution that easily scales with you, from a single site to multiple offices, across multiple locations.


Make printing more deliberate and reduce costs by removing infrastructure and consolidating vendors and licenses.

Convenient for End Users

Allow all end users, regardless of role, to print where and when they need to with minimal effort and less helpdesk tickets.

Enhanced Security

Confidential data doesn’t remain at rest in the cloud and stays encrypted until it’s behind your firewall.



Print Management Made Easy


Native IdP Integrations

Make authentication simple with integrations to leading IdP providers and the ability to support concurrent IdPs.

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Secure Features

Protect your data at every stage with additional security features and a Zero Trust environment.

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Output Management

Manage all aspects of print with one centralized solution and gain more visibility across your print environment.

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Self-Service Printer Installation

Reduce helpdesk tickets and free up resources by empowering end users to seamlessly install devices.

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Serverless Printing by the Numbers


of customers stick with PrinterLogic year after year


of customers had 100% ROI


of customers reduced time spent on print management by more than half


With PrinterLogic, we have removed our dependency on printer servers, which allows us to enable cloud-based solutions.”

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Eliminate Print Servers

Take a deep dive into how PrinterLogic helps you remove old technology from your print infrastructure.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How difficult is it to transition to Serverless Printing?

It’s easy! With PrinterLogic, you can automatically migrate printers from your print servers, including any unmanaged Direct IP printers on user workstations. Once migrated, you can centrally manage printer objects in our Admin Console and assign drivers and profile settings. You can also dynamically deploy printers to Windows, Mac, or Linux users without any scripting or GPOs.

Is direct IP printing more secure than using print servers?

You bet. Servers pose an inherent risk by storing all print data from every workstation that prints from it, making the print server a likely target for attackers. By leveraging PrinterLogic’s direct IP printing, you introduce a decentralized spooling process that removes the single point of failure as well as the ability for attackers to access your sensitive data.

Do you need VPNs with serverless printing?

While many companies use VPNs to ensure remote printing access for hybrid workforces, this isn’t necessary with PrinterLogic. Our Off-Network Printing feature allows users to print from anywhere while still maintaining network security. That means less cost and less risk for your IT team.

What is an IdP integration?

An IdP integration means PrinterLogic works seamlessly in organizations that use cloud-based IdPs for identity management. An employee can log in using the IdP and then automatically get access to PrinterLogic when needed. PrinterLogic uses industry-standard protocols like SAML and SCIM to make this happen.

What is Zero Trust Printing?

An extension of the philosophy regarding Zero Trust Network Architecture, Zero Trust Printing allows you to keep data secure even during traditionally vulnerable actions. With print servers and spoolers, data can be exposed and users across a network can be compromised. With PrinterLogic’s direct IP printing infrastructure and native IdP integrations, users are verified and authorized and confidential data is never exposed.

Embrace Zero Trust

Zero Trust is the wave of the future for network security. PrinterLogic, a cloud solution that offers serverless direct IP printing, supports microsegmentation and integrates with leading IdPs to keep your company protected.

Generate ROI by Eliminating Print Servers Within Your Company

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