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Secure Release Printing

Protect your confidential documents with PrinterLogic’s Secure Release Printing feature and empower end users to release print jobs from any printer, anywhere.



Achieve Flexible and Secure Printing

Protect What’s Yours

No more living in fear of leaving confidential documents unattended in a print tray. PrinterLogic’s Secure Release Printing feature holds print jobs on the end user’s workstation until they are ready securely to release the print job at their desired printer. Along with making print jobs more intentional, Secure Release Printing focuses on reducing waste to promote sustainability and eliminates security risks by helping your organization handle critical customer and employee data with confidence.

Protect Whats Yours

Perfect For Dynamic Work Environments

An integrated approach to secure printing, Secure Release Printing gives employees flexible, convenient ways to release print jobs while keeping it simple for IT to implement. Empower end users to release print jobs at any printer within your organization’s network–regardless of which floor, building, or country the printer resides. Users can release print jobs using one of several authentication methods.

Dynamic Work Environments

PrinterLogic’s Secure Release Options

Smartphone App/QR Code

Reduce risk from abandoned print jobs and print vulnerabilities by boosting your security and keeping print jobs local with secure print release.

Control Panel

Log in and release a print job from the printer’s LCD control panel using your Active Directory login or PIN Authentication.

Badge Reader

Swipe your badge at any printer with a card-reading device. It also supports CAC and PIV authentication.

Web Browser

Connect to PrinterLogic’s web-based application to release print jobs securely with any device with browser access.

Key Benefits of Secure Release Printing for Print Security

Zero Trust Printing

Reduce infrastructure and keep your data more secure with a Zero Trust Printing solution that works with popular cloud-based Identity Providers.

Simple Implementation

Easily administer PrinterLogic SaaS and additional security features without reconstructing your current print environment.

Centralized Management

Eliminate your print servers and manage all of your organization’s printing from a single location via PrinterLogic’s Admin Console.


Make printing more deliberate and reduce costs by allowing end users to cancel unwanted print jobs before they reach the print tray.

Convenient for End Users

Allow all end users, regardless of role, to print where and when they need to with minimal effort.

Get Additional Features

Gain access to our other advanced security features like Off-Network Printing which lets remote workers, contractors, and affiliate organizations print more easily, no matter what network they’re on.

CAC/PIV Support

Utilize PrinterLogic’s CAC/PIV-enabled badge reader made for government agencies and contractors. CAC/PIV support is available via outboard readers or readers embedded in MFDs.

Offline Secure Release

Initiate a print job, then call for it at the printer even after closing your laptop and putting it to sleep, or logging out of a virtual session.

Unlimited Scalability

Adapt to your organization’s needs with a solution that easily scales with you, from a single site to multiple offices, across multiple locations.

Overcome Security Obstacles

Moving to Zero Trust? Contact one of our dedicated professionals today to learn how Secure Release Printing can benefit your organization.



Maximize Security, Minimize Risk

Zero Trust Worthy

For companies adopting a Zero Trust Network Architecture, your printing infrastructure is a great place to start. PrinterLogic’s serverless printing solution leverages direct IP printing and authenticates all end users through its integrations with the world’s most popular IdP providers such as Okta, Azure AD, and Google Identity, making for an all-in-one Zero Trust Printing experience. Secure Release Printing is just one of our many features designed to help you exceed security standards, cut costs, and reduce waste for improved sustainability.

Zero Trust Worthy

Improve Industry Compliance

Every industry has sensitive information that should never be left in the open. Whether you’re in legal, healthcare, or government fields, PrinterLogic helps you meet security standards to stay industry compliant in ever-changing work environments. Secure Release Printing prevents leaks of intellectual property, corporate secrets, personal information, mergers, or medical and legal records, making print security worries non-existent.

Improve Industry Compliance


Pull (Secure Release) Printing helps us with that added security. Users can print without having to stop what they’re doing, then go to the printer and collect their printout when they’re ready. It’s a similar experience to private printing but a little easier to set up.”

From the White Paper

Universal Print security is a real issue because employees frequently print a document and then fail to retrieve it from the printer. What if they contain important or even confidential information? Who could see that information? Unfortunately, while IT professionals have used secure printing for a long time, many IT professionals struggle with making it easy enough for end users to encourage adoption.

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Off-Network Printing

Get all the security capabilities of secure print release with PrinterLogic’s Off-Network Printing feature. Allow users with internet access to send print jobs to printers located behind your company’s firewall from anywhere in the world–without the costs and complications of resorting to VPNs or web printing portals.

Learn more about Off-Network Printing →

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Why are printers a security risk?

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According to a print security report by Quocirca, over two-thirds (68%) of organizations have experienced data losses due to unsecure printing practices in the past 12 months. Unsecured printers give cyber attackers a clear entry point into your company’s network and data. They’re often overlooked as points of entry and become even more vulnerable when new patches and updates aren’t immediately installed. Printers aren’t the only vulnerability in your print environment either. Printer servers are especially susceptible to attacks, as we’ve seen with print spooler vulnerabilities like PrintNightmare and SpoolFool.

Can print jobs be released when computers are offline?

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Yes. Whether you’ve closed your laptop or logged out of a virtual session, PrinterLogic’s Offline Secure Release feature allows Windows PC users and Off-Network Cloud Printing customers to initiate a print job and then release it at the printer even after their computer goes offline.

Is Secure Release Printing a standalone feature?

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No. PrinterLogic offers various bundles to enhance its Core functionality. Secure Release Printing is part of the Advanced Security Bundle which also contains Off-Network, Mobile App Print Release, and Concurrent IdP Support. 

Do I need to replace my old printers to boost security?

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No. That would waste too much time and money! Instead, PrinterLogic focuses on eliminating your print servers and the vulnerabilities associated with spooling. Removing legacy hardware like print servers and moving to PrinterLogic’s direct IP printing solution—fully compatible with universal printer brands—allows you to utilize all your network printers without having to replace them. Regarding Secure Release Printing, you can release print jobs from any network printer via our Mobile App Print Release feature—no CPA required.  

Click here for more information on which printer brands support Secure Release Printing.

Who benefits from Secure Release Printing?

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Everybody! In particular, companies constantly handling sensitive information such as legal, healthcare, and government agencies can benefit from Secure Release Printing. Along with helping companies stay industry-compliant, Secure Release Printing offers ways for companies to save a lot of money by reducing their environmental footprint.

Does Secure Release Printing support remote workers?

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PrinterLogic’s Off-Network Printing (ONP) feature maintains the security of organizations adopting Zero Trust Network Architecture while meeting their employees’ printing needs. Additionally, ONP allows remote employees, contractors, and business affiliates to easily print—even when they reside on different networks. Like Secure Release Printing, users can retrieve their print jobs from their desired printer or collaborate with someone in the office to release the job at their discretion.