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Everybody Wins with Serverless Print Management

What Is a PrinterLogic MSP Partnership?

PrinterLogic is a leading innovator in enterprise print management software solutions and a provider of SaaS print management solutions for managed service providers. As a PrinterLogic MSP partner, you’ll provide powerful, versatile, streamlined, and consistent multi-tenant print management solutions for your clientele.

What Do You Get with PrinterLogic?

PrinterLogic’s PrinterCloud for MSPs is a zero-footprint, enterprise-grade print management solution that is incredibly cost-effective. Reduce resources and save time by automating repeating tasks, installing equipment faster, and streamlining customer service efforts. Managing customers and printer needs has never been easier–our multi-tenant platform practically does it for you.

Key Benefits of Serverless Printing

Cloud Management

With one login and console, you can manage all of your customer’s PrinterCloud instances and support customers moving to the cloud.

Native Connectivity

No VPN/FW admin is required for multiple managed customers, making it easier to manage.

Recurring Revenue

Fees are paid on a monthly basis with an easily renewed annual contract for steady, anticipated revenue.

Hosted Infrastructure

Using our PrinterLogic SaaS eliminates the need to deliver and host expensive hardware at each customer site.

Automatic Updates

Hassle-free software upgrades automatically with easy deployments for changes without having to be on-site.

PrinterLogic Driven Marketing

We provide you with all the marketing collateral you need to communicate the value of PrinterLogic and close more deals, available in the Partner Portal.

A PrinterLogic Partnership Offers More


Powerful, Streamlined Print Management for Managed Service Providers

Make authentication simple with integrations to leading IdP providers and even concurrent IdP support.

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Print Management Solutions for Managed Service Providers

Protect your data at every stage with additional security features and a Zero Trust environment.

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Modern Multi-tenant Print Management for Managed Service Providers

Manage all aspects of print with one centralized solution and gain more visibility into your print needs.

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Partners in the Industry

Learn how nationwide IT service provider, Tazergy, increased its agility and improved customer service for their multi-tenant print environment utilizing PrinterLogic’s MSP partner platform. This case study breaks down the challenges, solutions, and overall results from their PrinterLogic partnership.


…with PrinterLogic SaaS’s unique combination of direct-IP printing and centralized management, including a special portal designed exclusively for MSPs, Tazergy is able to oversee and administer every aspect of its tenants’ entire print environments from just one console.”

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Learn More About Serverless Printing

Updating legacy print architecture has never been easier. Our serverless solution offers everything you need to better serve your clients in a multi-tenant print environment without all the hassle.

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