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Mitigate Risk With Print Management for Government

Cut costs and bolster your print security with PrinterLogic’s centralized print management solution designed to protect data-sensitive sectors, streamline processes, and eliminate potential vulnerabilities.



Streamlined Printing With Optimized Security

Trusted by the U.S. Department of Defense, the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, and over 40 other federal entities, PrinterLogic provides airtight print security while streamlining processes across the board. Our proven government printing solution offers new opportunities for flexible print options, significant cost savings, and strengthened security. In addition, agencies reduce the risks found in existing print infrastructures, correct noncompliance, and avoid catastrophic data loss.

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Key Federal Security Features

Zero Trust Compliance

Segment endpoints and authenticate users before they print with a cloud-native solution that integrates with all major identity providers based on SAML 2.0 and JIT provisioning.

CAC/PIV Authentication

Reduce security risks associated with classified and non-classified printing networks by allowing employees to digitally sign all print jobs using their CAC/PIV card at the user’s workstation.

Direct IP Printing

Improve your agency’s FITARA and DCOI scores by eliminating your print servers and keeping your print jobs local and secure.

Advanced Reporting & Monitoring

Track all print data across the network, pinpoint print-related events, and generate reports by department, user, and device.

Secure Release Printing

Hold print jobs on your workstation and release them from any printer in your network with your credentials to ensure that sensitive information stays confidential.

Granularized Access Control

Enforce strict access control at the device and user level to prevent unauthorized execution or release of printed documents.

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Avoid Costly Attacks

The Concerns Are Real

Cyberattackers capable of penetrating the defenses of security-conscious federal agencies have been a recurring theme for some time. Printing is commonly overlooked as a potential vulnerability for cyberattacks; however, a rise in data breaches has caused federal organizations to reassess their print security strategy. Additionally, hybrid work has created more security vulnerabilities by expanding an organization’s attack surface and exposing them to further potential threats.

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A Proven Government Printing Solution

PrinterLogic serves many federal agencies that pose the same question: How can I boost security across my print environment? Our next-gen print management software equips federal agencies with the essential tools to secure their print environment and mitigate damage caused by malicious actors. By eliminating security weaknesses and compliance gaps with Zero Trust Printing, government agencies also gain access to advanced features such as Off-Network Printing, Secure Release Printing, and Mobile Printing.

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Keep Data Breaches at Bay


The average cost of a data breach

Source: IBM Security


of data breaches are caused by compromised credentials

Source: IBM Security


Average amount saved by companies with a mature Zero Trust strategy

Source: IBM Security


We pulled the plug on over 400 print servers. That decision has saved us millions of dollars on our printer management and provisioning."

Learn How To Improve Your Security


Find out how to harden your print infrastructure and eliminate security weaknesses and compliance gaps with PrinterLogic’s recommended 6-step action plan for government agencies.

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5,000 printers you say? No sweat. See how a federal agency seamlessly migrated their massive printer fleet to PrinterLogic after eliminating over 100 print servers…in just ONE month.

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Security Feature

Expand your organization’s print security to your hybrid workforce by enabling users with internet access to send print jobs from anywhere to a printer located behind your company’s firewall.

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CAC/PIV Printing

PrinterLogic’s serverless CAC/PIV secure print infrastructure includes printer-driver deployment and management, print job auditing and reporting, and centralized printer management from a single web-based console. Experience an increase in productivity for admins and end users, a reduction in helpdesk calls, and a significant return on investment, all while providing users with a user-friendly, manageable, and secure print environment.

Additional core benefits of PrinterLogic’s serverless CAC/PIV printing solution include:

  • Reduce Security Risk- Ramp up security by digitally signing all print jobs with a CAC/PIV card certificate and eliminating the centralized point of failure.
  • Empower End Users- Enable employees to find and install nearby printers and reduce IT helpdesk calls with PrinterLogic’s Self-Service Installation Portal
  • Improve Visibility- Gain insight into data to assist with cost-saving initiatives and assign costs to specific printers, paper types, and modes (color, B&W, etc.) to track printing costs.
  • Diverse Printer Compatibility- Authenticate and release print jobs by swiping your smart card over PrinterLogic’s CAC/PIV-enabled badge reader–compatible with all printer models.

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