Print Management Solutions for Managed Service Providers

**Originally published July 22, 2016**

If you’re a managed service provider (MSP), you want to deliver the best experience to your customers at the best possible price. That seems pretty self-explanatory.

And when your specialty is print management, you leverage the most efficient, cost-effective, flexible, feature-rich, and robust print management solutions to accomplish that goal. Which is why PrinterLogic’s print management software should be at the top of your list. 

Our leading print management platform surpasses conventional solutions like print servers by combining proven direct IP technology with the kind of forward-thinking functionality that supports modern, dynamic enterprise environments. Our core strengths include centralized administration from a single pane of glass, effortless printer and driver management, and end-user empowerment through an intuitive self-service portal—capabilities that have the potential to transform enterprise printing in any organization. 

And as a bonus, they can also streamline your own print management services by placing far fewer demands on administrative support and the service desk.

Discover Next-Gen Print Management

Unlike many third-party print management solutions, PrinterLogic isn’t a clunky and time-consuming new infrastructure to set up. Our serverless print management platform integrates quickly and seamlessly with print environments of all kinds, including those that rely on virtual solutions like Citrix and VMware. PrinterLogic enhances the native printing functionality of these environments through sought-after features like improved location-based printing while addressing their persistent flaws, such as oversized print jobs and heavy print-related WAN traffic.

We also offer robust supplemental features that you can use to boost your customers’ competitive edge while adding value to your own print management services. Just a few of these options include:

  • Advanced Reporting: Gain detailed insight into device usage, use of consumables, and printing trends across the enterprise. By gathering hard, up-to-the-minute data on all aspects of the print environment, you can curb excesses and zero in on printing costs with pinpoint precision. Our Advanced Reporting even provides valuable printer consolidation guidance.
  • Mobile Printing: Enterprises are still struggling in their search for reliable print management solutions that will enable them to embrace the ever-growing numbers of mobile and BYOD users. PrinterLogic’s Mobile Printing delivers mobile printing capabilities to any device and any printer without requiring mobile users to install extra software. Not only is it incredibly simple for end users, but it also gives admins complete control over who is authorized to print.
  • Secure Release Printing: Some print management solutions might promise ease of use, but does that have to come at the expense of security? Not with PrinterLogic. Our Secure Release Printing options keep sensitive documents away from prying eyes by enabling users to release print jobs to select printers only when they are ready. Users can release jobs online, with a badge, using a QR code, or at the printer with the control panel. With Secure Release, users keep their confidential documents protected every step of the way.
  • Off-Network Printing: With both a cloud and direct IP option, your customers can take one more step toward a complete Zero Trust Architecture by using our Off-Network Printing options. As more companies need support for remote, hybrid, and contract workers, keeping a network locked down is increasingly difficult. This is especially true for print. But our solution makes it easy for any user to print no matter what network they are on.
  • Multi-tenant Functionality: A necessary component to managing multiple customers, our platform makes it easy to manage everything from a single Admin Console. Make administrative changes, deploy updates, and more in just minutes.

This killer suite of functionality and flexibility is why print management MSPs who are looking to provide best-in-class service with less overhead are adopting PrinterLogic as their recommended print management solution. The MSPs who don’t might soon find themselves at a severe disadvantage.