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Centrally Managed. Serverless. Secure.

Ditch your old insecure print architecture and upgrade your print management with a direct IP printing solution. Our customers get it all: modern infrastructure, security, central management. That’s why thousands of customers choose PrinterLogic.

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Reduce Attack Surfaces

In today’s interconnected world, security has become a major concern for companies. But print infrastructure is often overlooked and can be a major point of vulnerability. It’s time to eliminate print servers and remove the single point of failure that leaves so many networks unsecure. Unlike legacy print architecture, PrinterLogic’s serverless printing solution fits perfectly into your Zero Trust network. Our direct IP printing capabilities mean nothing is left vulnerable in the cloud, and our serverless solution ensures end user data is secure on each device. Even if a breach does occur, that data is segmented and your network remains protected.

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Enjoy Secure Features

Beyond security vulnerabilities with print servers, printing offers many points where confidential data can be compromised. That’s why PrinterLogic focuses on providing a feature-rich environment to help you protect data at every stage of printing. This includes integrations with leading Identity Providers (IdPs) such as Okta, Ping Fed, Imprivata, and more. With PrinterLogic, users can easily print anywhere while verifying who they are. Plus, your hybrid workforce can take advantage of our Off-Network Printing feature to ensure everyone can securely print—from anywhere. And features like Secure Release Printing keep any printed documents safe from wandering eyes to increase security during printing as well.

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An ISO 27001:2013 Certified Solution

PrinterLogic has undergone the extensive process of building an ISO-compliant SaaS platform to better meet the business, legal, and regulatory requirements of our current and future partners. ISO certification underscores our commitment to high-quality security practices and improved security processes on an international scale as a globally-recognized security program. Mitigate risk and get optimized data protection with PrinterLogic.

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SOC 2 Type 2 Compliant Solution

In order to help you better protect your data, improve compliance with industry regulations, and increase customer trust, PrinterLogic is now certified as a SOC 2 Type 2 compliant solution. This rigorous security protocol shows our commitment to keeping your confidential information safe via airtight internal control policies. Working with a SOC-compliant SaaS solution reduces the risk of lawsuits and financial loss by providing an extra layer of protection to you and your customers.

*SOC certification applies to PrinterLogic’s SaaS solution




"It’s really simplified our print management experience. I don’t have to remote into someone’s PC anymore to set up a printer. If they’re not in a security group, we just add them into Active Directory and they automatically get those printers.”
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Centrally Manage All Your Printing

With the PrinterLogic Admin Console, you can manage users, devices, drivers, and more all from one centralized location. Easily make and deploy changes on your team’s schedule. That means you can manage all major endpoints at once. No more managing phones and tablets differently than you do any other device. And it’s OS agnostic! So you get all the benefits of central management without having to limit what devices or OS your employees use to get their work done. That’s bound to make everyone happier.

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Empower Your End Users

Another exciting PrinterLogic feature: our Self-Service Portal! Users can install printers on their own without having to nag your IT team. Cut down those frantic print support calls and annoying help desk tickets even as your employees gain the freedom to easily find and install nearby printers. Our location-aware print technology suggests available printers while your employees move around the office or even head to other offices. And installing them is as simple as a click! That gives IT valuable time back in their day to work on more important tasks. Added to our Mobile Print and Off-Network Printing features, your employees will have everything they need to securely print whenever and wherever they want—all without bugging you.

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Features you'll love


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PrinterLogic for Healthcare

Go serverless and more easily manage print with native integrations to your EMR and Imprivata.

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“Whereas a failed print server would put a person out of business, with PrinterLogic SaaS, the drivers come from the cloud, yet the user is tied directly to their printer. So as long as they have network connectivity, they’re not going to lose the ability to print.”

— Dave Hulet, Senior Systems Technician, Clark County, Nevada


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End Your PrintNightmares

Spooler errors, especially related to PrintNightmare, have been an ongoing issue for companies using print servers. PrinterLogic removes print spoolers from the picture and eliminates any workarounds put in place due to patches.

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Going Serverless

Check out our library of white papers, case studies, and videos to discover why so many companies have made the switch to serverless. See how our native cloud solution works in action and answer any lingering questions you may have.

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