A Streamlined Print Solution for Education

Simplify your print environment by graduating to PrinterLogic SaaS. Take advantage of unique features designed to overcome the challenges of staying under budget while allowing students and teachers to fully utilize their devices’ printing capabilities.

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The Model Print Solution for Education


Achieve More With Chromebook Printing

Excel in your Chromebook printing environment with PrinterLogic’s Chrome OS Client Extension specifically created to maximize your school’s printing capabilities. Keep your Chromebook printing environment secure and reliable while empowering students and faculty to print easily no matter where they are. Designed for all levels of education, our Chromebook printing solution has the scalability to support entire school districts and university campuses.


Outsmart Your Chromebook Printing Issues

Making the move to PrinterLogic’s Chromebook printing solution can put you at the top of the class and help you solve the most difficult printing problems. Specifically, our Chromebook printing solution:

  • Simplifies Print Management: PrinterLogic’s Chrome OS Client Extension for Chromebooks makes adding a printer simple. The Extension uses driverless printing technology which accesses a printer’s features dynamically, ensuring the best possible output of all print jobs.
  • Expands Print Visibility: Whether school buildings are spread across a campus or an entire school district, PrinterLogic’s Chromebook printing solution for education expands print visibility over your whole print environment. From a single pane of glass, you can control all aspects of the printing process including driver installations, granting permissions, and pushing updates.
  • Offers Access To Advanced Features: Leverage your school’s Chromebook printing by accessing PrinterLogic’s advanced features like Secure-Release Printing, Advanced Reporting, Off-Network Printing, and Quota Management.
  • Operates In Mixed-OS Environments: IT professionals can centrally manage printing for Chromebook users alongside Windows, Mac, and Linux operating systems. Enjoy versatile, reliable printing in mixed OS or Chromebook-centric print environments.

Enterprise Chromebook Printing

PrinterLogic’s enterprise Chromebook printing solution eliminates print servers, elevates your printing capabilities, and scales to fit all print environments.

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Oklahoma City Community College

Serving well over 19,000 students and employing 140 full-time professors, OCCC was unhappy with the day-to-day struggles of their academic print environment. The lack of transparency and self-sufficiency for end users resulted in frequent help desk calls and proved quite costly.

After installing PrinterLogic SaaS, OCCC has migrated its fleet of 350 printers away from its print servers. Subsequently, their IT department experiences less stress and has greater oversight of their print environment.

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Whereas a failed print server would put a person out of business, with PrinterLogic SaaS, the drivers come from the cloud, yet the user is tied directly to their printer. So as long as they have network connectivity, they’re not going to lose the ability to print."

— Dave Hulet, Senior Systems Technician, Clark County, Nevada

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Hands up for Quota Management

As part of our Cost Management Bundle, PrinterLogic’s Quota Management feature helps admins set limitations on the price or volume of print jobs. Quotas are assigned based on group and can be adjusted for individual users. Quotas can be set for a given time period and even limit users to a maximum number of pages for each individual print job, reducing redundancy and waste.

Other key features include:

  • Adjustable user and group quotas
  • Duplicate printing prevention
  • Quota and user activity reporting
  • Custom or recurring quota periods


Take Control With Quota Management

No matter the budget, PrinterLogic’s Quota Management feature helps schools take control of their print environments by empowering admins to set printing limitations that match their school’s financial goals.

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