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Self-Service Printer Installation

Free up your time and reduce print-related helpdesk tickets by enabling your end users to install nearby printers with a single click.



Boost End User Productivity

Intuitive Self-Service Printing

Give power back to your end users. Our secure Self-Service Installation Portal provides users with a consistent and straightforward installation experience through our direct IP printing platform. View and manage printers throughout your organization from a single pane of glass and fine-tune which users can access which printers. Let Self-Service Printing take printer installations off your plate!


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Print and Prosper

Users need Self-Service Printing that is simple and efficient. Our Self-Service Installation Portal empowers end users of all skill levels to view, identify, and install their own printers with just one click. Whether your users are in one office or distributed environments, the portal detects their locations using IP addresses and shows them available printers via floor plan map or list. Zero IT intervention required.

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How Self-Service Printing Serves You

Reduce Helpdesk Tickets

Experience up to a 95% reduction in print-related helpdesk tickets by making printing more convenient for your users.

Improve User Flexibility

Give your mobile users the confidence to install printers themselves even in the most dynamic environments.

Achieve Serverless Printing

Eliminate all of your print servers including the time and costs required to maintain them.

Minimize Printer Downtime

Put an end to pesky issues like driver conflicts, orphaned printers, and stuck jobs by eliminating the single point of failure.

Gain Detailed Visibility

Receive insight into cost-saving data like page counts, ink and toner usage, and more to reduce your environmental footprint.

Secure Your Data

Fortify your organization’s security and minimize infrastructure with a Zero Trust-compliant solution that authenticates all users before they print.

Tired of helpdesk calls?

Speak with one of our dedicated professionals to start reducing your workload today.

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A Solution That Pays for Itself

Removing print-related helpdesk calls from your to-do list is just the beginning. Take advantage of a proven print management solution that eliminates print servers and the costs to maintain, upgrade, and replace them. Plus, gain insight into everyday print activity throughout your organization to identify where money is going. Start transforming your print environment and reduce printing costs for good.

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Simplified Printing for Every Industry

PrinterLogic’s Self-Service Printing solution is the perfect fit for every industry. For high-security healthcare, government, and legal environments, Self-Service Printing gives power to end users while equipping you with the additional printing capabilities you need to maintain industry compliance. In the education sector, our Self-Service Installation Portal is one of many solutions designed to simplify printing for students and teachers in Chromebook-centric environments.

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AAA Carolinas

Employing only a four-person helpdesk team, AAA Carolinas was experiencing an overwhelming amount of print-related tickets. With PrinterLogic, they slashed the number of print-related helpdesk calls by as many as 50 per week.

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We have almost zero print-related helpdesk tickets. We went from 2,500 print-related helpdesk tickets in a year down to three or four. Soft costs in particular went down massively.”

Experience Greater Freedom With Self-Service Printing


reduction in helpdesk calls by the majority of surveyed customers


of surveyed organizations reduced printer downtime by at least 30%


of customers reduced time spent on print management by more than half

Self-Service Printing

Self-Service Printing reduces the volume of calls to the helpdesk because employees no longer have to solicit dedicated IT support just to install a printer—even if they happen to be in a new location. Cutting out the middleman allows users to accomplish routine print management tasks quickly, making things much more satisfying for the end user and far more efficient.

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