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PrinterLogic’s IGEL Integration

Our integration with IGEL enables our customers – running IGEL OS on any compatible x86-64 device from anywhere – to eliminate print servers and ease print management in cloud, traditional, VDI or DaaS environments.



Simplifying IT Endpoint Management

A Collaborative Effort

The integration of IGEL’s Universal Management Suite (UMS) and the PrinterLogic Client and Admin Console enable centrally managed direct IP printers to be installed on IGEL OS-powered endpoint devices, delivering a secure, uniform print experience to end users and simplifying tedious print management practices in the process. Our collaboration relieves admins of the biggest pain point of VDI architecture – tailoring printer environments to support a variety of local printers.

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An IGEL Ready Solution

PrinterLogic is proud to be a part of IGEL’s exclusive partner program, IGEL Ready, which focuses on identifying products and solutions that are verified to work with their next-gen edge OS for cloud workspaces. After completing rigorous testing, PrinterLogic’s direct IP printing platform was chosen as the preferred secure printing solution to provide our shared customers with an enhanced computing experience and airtight print security.

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Key Benefits of PrinterLogic’s IGEL Integration

SaaS or VA

Receive centralized print management capabilities via a virtual appliance or as a full SaaS cloud platform.

Self-Service Printer Installation

Empower end users to find and install their own printers via floor plan map or list without relying on IT assistance. 


Zero Trust Compliance

Secure your printers with our direct IP printing platform that segments your workstations and eliminates vulnerable print servers.

Admin Console

Gain insight into your organizations front- and back-end printing, reporting, and user access through a single pane of glass.

Advanced Reporting

Maximize visibility over your print environment by learning where, when, and how often users are printing.

Hybrid/Remote Work Friendly

Manage hybrid/remote workers effortlessly in a cloud environment without relying on local print servers at each location.

Off-Network Printing

Allow users outside of your company’s network to print securely, no matter where they are located. 


Deliver Native Drivers

Deploy and manage both native and universal drivers for any network printer in traditional or VDI environments.

Secure Release Printing

Ensure that sensitive information stays in the right hands by requiring users to release jobs at the printer via badge swipe or QR code release. 



PrinterLogic Named an IGEL Ready Partner of the Year for 2023

From The Press Release:

PrinterLogic’s focus on customer satisfaction and streamlining print management is at the heart of our software development. By leveraging cloud technology, we’re able to simplify what was once a complex and costly process

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Keep up With Security and Workforce Demands

Secure Your Hybrid Workforce

As hybrid work has become the norm, companies have quickly turned to EUC/VDI solutions to give their employees flexibility, agility, and mobility. For companies with a diverse physical footprint, it can be challenging to recalibrate and redesign operations. Organizations now need multiple options to maintain worker productivity while also enabling them to print securely. IGEL’s approach to EUC computing paired with PrinterLogic’s Off-Network Printing and Secure Release Printing features helps organizations regain control over their hybrid workforces and secure their data.

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Your Guide to Zero Trust Printing

PrinterLogic expands on IGEL’s advanced endpoint protection by bolstering your print security. Our direct IP printing platform sends print jobs directly to the printer and inherently utilizes microsegmentation, reducing your organization’s attack surface and keeping sensitive data protected. PrinterLogic’s Zero Trust Printing solution supports all major IdPs, offers admins powerful auditing capabilities, and reduces your organization’s legacy infrastructure.

Discover Zero Trust Printing with PrinterLogic →

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IGEL is proud to recognize PrinterLogic as its Technology Alliance Partner of the Year, North America. Together, we are simplifying IT’s endpoint management processes around print management and enhancing the users’ computing experience and productivity.

Simon Clephan, Vice President of Business Development, IGEL

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PrinterLogic’s VDI Integrations

Our integrations don’t stop here. PrinterLogic integrates seamlessly with globally-renown VDI solutions such as Citrix, VMware, and Windows to provide IT teams with a VDI printing platform that allows for more control and visibility into their print environment. 

Learn more about PrinterLogic’s VDI integrations →

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