The Zero Trust Series: Integrating With The Best

In part four of our Zero Trust series, we discussed how to make your VDI environment Zero Trust compliant and how most third-party VDI printing solutions leave less to be desired in terms of flexibility and ease of use. 

In the final part of our series, we’ll share how we integrate with next-generation operating systems like IGEL as well as top-shelf VDI solutions like Citrix and VMware to help you create a Zero Trust VDI Printing environment.


Our Partnerships

The definition of the office has changed because users can work from anywhere. The new “office”–your home, local coffee shop, and beach resort–has employees and organizations bringing many types of devices onto their networks. IT administrators must account for the security risks of bring your own device (BYOD) programs since many users rely on various devices to connect to a virtual environment. Additionally, admins must tailor their virtual desktop printing architecture to support these endpoint devices while allowing end users to print from various locations securely and efficiently.

That is why PrinterLogic works with popular VDI solutions–to help organizations bolster security across all endpoints and simplify printing for IT in today’s disparate work environments.


IGEL Integration

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IGEL and PrinterLogic have teamed up to deliver an integrated and secure VDI printing solution that ensures we continually meet the needs of organizations embracing Zero Trust Printing. As an Advanced IGEL Ready Partner, PrinterLogic has been tested and validated to work seamlessly with IGEL’s OS in any environment. That means any mutual customer can configure our centrally-managed, direct IP printing solution on any IGEL OS-powered endpoint. Print jobs can be sent directly from the IGEL-managed endpoint device to the printer, eliminating the need for scripting and GPOs.   

The PrinterLogic Client and Admin Consoles communicate with IGEL’s Universal Management Suite (UMS) and can be installed on-premise or via PrinterLogic’s SaaS platform. Through the Admin Console, printers are automatically assigned to users and devices depending on their physical location. Along with reducing legacy infrastructure, implementing PrinterLogic into your IGEL OS environment:

  • Provides airtight security for sensitive documents
  • Lowers front- and back-end costs by automating deployments and other admin tasks
  • Integrates printers into VDI environments like Citrix and VMWare
  • Limits print-related helpdesk calls
  • Gives administrators and executives visibility into all print jobs across their organization

IGEL’s smart and secure virtual endpoint management paired with PrinterLogic’s comprehensive serverless printing solution dramatically simplifies endpoint and print management across an entire organization, saving time and money.

Using IGEL-OS? Begin managing your print environment.


Citrix and VMware Integrations

There is a lot to love about Citrix and VMware VDI solutions. They offer a consistent computing experience for end users and are a staple across distributed environments. VDI solutions like these help workforces become more agile and decrease security risks by keeping data centralized. 

With all the positives that come with employing VDI solutions, their lack of scalable printing capabilities creates a gap in security and causes headaches for IT teams and users. It’s impossible to manage thousands of employees and their workstations, let alone manage all print environments across all enterprise locations. Other drawbacks of VDI printing include:

Printer redirection– Print jobs travel across the WAN, which consumes bandwidth and slows productivity.

Proximity printing- The process of assigning printers and their related drivers isn’t always dependable. 

Outdated hardware- Daily operations take a serious hit with the employment of print servers and slow print spooling. 

Lack of secure printing capabilities- Many third-party solutions don’t offer all of the necessary security features for Zero Trust compliance

PrinterLogic’s integration with Citrix and VMware helps organizations succeed in all facets of Zero Trust Printing while providing their IT teams with a simplified print management solution. Enterprises have access to a single, consistent printer installation portal across their entire workforce. From there, employees can simply pull up their organization’s floor plan and locate and install the printer of their choice. 

This integration takes pressure off admins by lowering the costs of maintaining the printer fleet, saving time, and allowing admins to tackle other activities. It also empowers end users to solve printing issues themselves. From a single pane of glass, PrinterLogic helps provision direct IP printers to individual endpoint devices, which enables print job compression, driverless printing, and increased visibility over your print environment.

Additional benefits of PrinterLogic’s VDI Printing solution include:

Automated deployments: Equip admins with the tools to automatically assign printers based on user, group, and organizational unit. 

Direct IP connections: Cut down on excessive WAN traffic and ramp up your print speeds by keeping jobs local. 

Self-service installation: Empower end users with the ability to identify and select printers that are closest to them. 

Location-based printing: Provision printers to users based on IP address with minimal configuration from administrators.


The Leader In Zero Trust Printing

We mentioned the shortcomings of VDI printing and how PrinterLogic augments VDI solutions’ printing capabilities. But how do PrinterLogic’s integrations with IGEL, Citrix, and VMware help you build a Zero Trust Architecture? We eliminate the single point of failure, help you gain insight to print jobs across your organization, and develop one-on-one connections between the client and the printer via direct IP printing. 

PrinterLogic’s direct IP printing platform inherently segments each workstation, limiting the blast radius of cyberattacks and keeping confidential data safe in the process. When you tack on advanced features like Off-Network Printing and Secure Release Printing, your organization has a fully equipped Zero Trust Printing environment that doesn’t require you to replace your old infrastructure. 

Want to learn more? Get a no-strings-attached demo of PrinterLogic’s VDI printing solution