Secure Mobile Printing with Enterprise Cloud Software

There are currently two IT trends that are ready to intersect in enterprise printing. And when they do, they’ll unlock an incredible amount of potential in terms of productivity and flexibility.

The first of these trends involves large-scale migration to the cloud. As part of this migration, organizations are taking traditional on-premises server-based infrastructure and transferring that functionality to offsite data centers. These innovative cloud-based services then give those organizations the ability to eliminate their expensive onsite hardware while enjoying increased ease and ubiquity of access.

The second trend is support for secure mobile printing. As more and more employees are issued smartphones, Chromebooks and tablets, or they arrive with sanctioned BYOD mobile devices, they need to be able to print easily and securely. Organizations that haven’t already implemented some form of mobile printing are certainly starting to give it serious thought.

Where enterprise cloud printing and secure mobile printing converge
The crucial point where these two trends intersect is when your organization’s enterprise cloud printing solution also functions as your secure mobile printing solution, effectively combining the advantages of both. The term synergy often gets misapplied to things that aren’t synergistic at all. But it’s fitting here because of the way mobile and cloud printing deliver mutual benefits.

To give just one example: Secure mobile printing that can leverage the omnipresent nature of the cloud enables roaming employees to print to their desired printers no matter where they happen to be—and without the typical security risks that spring up with that kind of flexibility.

For most organizations, the primary sticking point in implementing this “killer combo” isn’t lack of vision. They see how mobile and cloud are an ideal pairing like peanut butter and jelly. The fundamental problem is that conventional print-management solutions simply don’t offer a truly cloud-optimized option, not to mention one that also comes with secure, convenient and native mobile-printing functionality.

PrinterLogic SaaS makes the killer combo possible
PrinterLogic SaaS (formerly PrinterCloud) is the best printing software to make this next-generation convergence a reality. Like our on-prem enterprise printing solution, PrinterLogic SaaS uses a unique direct-IP printing infrastructure that fully eliminates print servers while also delivering centralized print management.

As its name suggests, though, the natural advantage of PrinterLogic SaaS is that it’s a software-as-a-service (SaaS) solution hosted on PrinterLogic’s secure servers. This puts full-featured enterprise cloud printing within reach of any organization—including managed service providers (MSPs) with multi-tenancy requirements. Yet PrinterLogic SaaS doesn’t place heavy demands on the WAN. In most cases, print jobs are sent directly from the client to the printer, bypassing the WAN entirely.

And migration to PrinterLogic SaaS’s enterprise cloud printing is easy too. Often it’s a matter of importing existing printer objects and print queues seamlessly into PrinterLogic SaaS, then shutting down your print servers for good. Because PrinterLogic SaaS is based on the same platform-agnostic software as PrinterLogic, it will work with any printer. Few print-management solutions—especially cloud-based ones—can claim the same scope of compatibility.

But along with its cloud platform, PrinterLogic SaaS also features mobile printing that’s as secure as it is convenient. With PrinterLogic SaaS, any mobile device with a browser has the ability to print to authorized printers. There’s absolutely zero need to install client-side software on any mobile device, which means that any authorized end user can print without having to call the helpdesk.

Beyond the security that comes from PrinterLogic SaaS keeping most print jobs local, there’s also the ability to release print jobs to select printers on demand. Using the Print Release App for iOS and Android, mobile users can hold print jobs and then execute them on their desired printers right from their smartphones.

Increasing printing speeds while reducing downtime
PrinterLogic SaaS’s direct-IP printing paradigm delivers further advantages that just aren’t possible with legacy print-management solutions, let alone WAN-dependent cloud solutions. Keeping the majority of print jobs on the LAN helps to accelerate routine printing, and the elimination of fragile shared spoolers significantly reduces print downtime.

The Northwest Area Education Agency is a perfect example of what the real-world results of these benefits look like (read the case study here). This large Iowa-based intermediate education agency found PrinterLogic SaaS to be the best printing software for its very demanding requirements, including secure mobile printing, print reporting and streamlining print management.

To determine if PrinterLogic SaaS is also the best choice for your organization when it comes to implementing enterprise cloud printing alongside secure mobile printing, there’s no need for you to guess. Simply sign up for a demo today and test drive our solution entirely free of charge for 30 days.