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How to Reduce Network Print Management Costs

Posted by Devin Anderson

We often think about effective print management in terms of increases. Increasing the speed of printer deployment. Increasing the number of end-users who can install their own printers. Increasing the availability of the print environment. Increasing the level of automation. Increasing the efficiency of driver management. And so, in pursuit of increases like these, many organizations look to implement network print management software that will help achieve them.

Increases are no doubt desirable, but it’s also important to recognize the value of reduction. Reducing the amount of time spent on print management, reducing network print traffic, or reducing the usage of consumables can have just as much impact on the performance of a print environment—and ultimately your organization’s bottom line.

PrinterLogic treats increase and reduction as two sides of the print management coin. For example, as the speed of printer deployment rises, the time required for that aspect of print management falls. The less complicated end-user printer installation is, the more people will want and be able to make use of it. The greater the uptime, the fewer hours lost waiting for stuck print jobs to be purged and printing to resume.

With that in mind, PrinterLogic’s network print management software incorporates features that are designed to bring complementary increases and reductions in all the right areas, which translates to significant cost savings in both the short- and long-term. The single largest area of impact is through the wholesale elimination of print servers. By eliminating print servers, you also eliminate the associated costs of acquisition, maintenance, upgrade and replacement—costs that can frequently take the form of time invested in print management or lost to downtime.

As is typical of PrinterLogic, this elimination of expensive hardware and finicky, unreliable software actually comes with a gain in functionality. With PrinterLogic installed, your organization now enjoys:

  • Convenient centralized management: The consistent web-based management interface allows you to deploy and administer printers from a single terminal anywhere in the organization.
  • Printer network traffic optimization: Intelligent WAN caching technologies and direct endpoint-to-printer printing minimize network print traffic and alleviate the congestion common to print server and virtual environments.
  • Simple self-service installation: End-users have access to a uniform, web-based portal where they can locate, identify and install nearby printers with a single click—even when using Citrix or VMware.
  • Powerful integrated modules: PrinterLogic’s modules for pull printing, mobile printing and auditing give you unparalleled control over your print environment while better adapting it to the needs and habits of today’s end-users.

Thanks to benefits like these (plus so many more), the costs of network print management are reduced as a matter of course. Users no longer have to waste time calling the service desk with routine printer installation queries. Mobile and BYOD users can print effortlessly without you having to invest in next-generation printers or limited proprietary solutions like Google Cloud Print. Admins don’t have to spend hours customizing scripts or group policy objects (GPOs) to deploy printers automatically and correctly. Network print traffic doesn’t slow productivity.

So how do you reduce the costs of network print management? The answer is simple: PrinterLogic’s network print management software. Contact us today for a 30 day free trial or demo to learn more.