Network Printer Management Software

Using industry shorthand, we often broadly describe PrinterLogic as a print management solution, but it’s also helpful to think of PrinterLogic more explicitly as network printer management software. True, that’s a bit of a mouthful, but in some ways it better captures PrinterLogic’s core strength of straightforward centralized management of your enterprise print environment.

Through PrinterLogic’s centralized direct IP printer management, you’re able to centrally manage every single networked printer in your organization by using a single web-based admin console. You can manage using domains or trusts—but then again, you don’t have to. The Administrator console shows a simple tree view that allows you to quickly locate printers by country, state / province, city, building, or floor and modify printer attributes such as; driver, default settings, IP address, etc.

When you modify any one of those settings, they are automatically applied to the printer configurations on the end-user workstations. As you might expect from any network printer management software worth its salt, you can even use a convenient find-and-replace function to search for particular attributes and change them individually or collectively.

And with a network printer management tool like PrinterLogic, you don’t just get central oversight and control of existing printers. You have the ability to centrally create new printers too. By adding a familiar object such as an Active Directory (AD) group or an IP address range to the “Deploy” tab in the admin console, you can instantly deploy printers to end users. The printer will automatically be installed on the end user’s computer during the next login event or following a refresh of the PrinterLogic desktop software client. At the time of creation, you even have the ability to specify the new printer as the default printer on a one-time or permanent basis. This process is as straightforward for one printer as it is for 10 or even 1,000.

And when it comes time to remove one or more of those printers, you can do so manually or automatically based on specific criteria you set.

Bundled with all this are powerful, more granular management options. When using PrinterLogic as your network printer management software, you’re able to configure driver settings such as resolution, duplexing, paper size, and lots more right from the admin console. You also have the ability to monitor and manipulate individual printer queues. Is there a stuck job at some distant remote site that’s holding up the works? You can identify and delete that job on the end user’s workstation directly from the admin portal.

When you think of having such versatile features like these at your fingertips, maybe calling PrinterLogic a mere network printer management tool is an understatement. It’s more like the Swiss Army knife of network printer management software!