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Control Print Costs with Quota Management

Tired of exceeding your print budget? PrinterLogic allows you to limit user printing by setting cost or volume quotas.

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How Does Print Quota Management Work?

Our quota management feature gives you control over how much an individual can print by volume or price. With PrinterLogic, quotas are assigned to users and groups. Once set, a user can print until the quota is reached. After that, they’re instructed to contact an administrator or designated user.

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Get All Your Print Management Together

An A+ for Admins

The best part of PrinterLogic’s Quota Management feature? You also get all of our other serverless printing benefits! As part of our Cost Management Bundle, it integrates seamlessly with PrinterLogic’s comprehensive set of core print-management features. That means administrators like you can spend less time dealing with print-related issues and more time focused on keeping your schools running smoothly.

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Keep Your School on Budget

Quotas are useful, particularly for reducing print volume across schools and school districts. By applying print quotas to students and faculty, you can increase user accountability, lower costs, and even gain environmental benefits. Plus, your teachers and other school personnel can see exactly how much is left on their print quota at any given time, allowing everyone to easily stick to necessary budgets and make plans accordingly.

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Quota Management has been essential in helping us track and manage our user printing. The ease of use has made it a fantastic tool in day-to-day operations. This feature alone has reduced the number of prints we see on a daily basis"


Key Features of Quota Management


Allocate print quota by groups.

The admin console allows you to assign quotas by volume or price to any group in your identity data store.

Set maximums for single print jobs.

Users can be restricted to a predetermined number of pages for each individual print job.

Assign price quotas by modes.

You can assign price information for four modes: Black/White, Color, Black/White Duplex, and Color Duplex.

Assign quotas by volume.

Set fixed limits on users’ total printed page count for a given period as well as page counts for individual print jobs.

Simplify user/group limits.

Users inherit the quota of any group(s) to which they are assigned. If a user is a member of multiple groups, their quota is the sum of all individual group quotas.

Create custom recurring quota periods.

Set specific time periods for when individual and group quotas reset to full capacity. These periods can be weeks, months, quarters, and more.

Use time-delayed printing.

Admins can set time delays between print jobs to reduce the number of accidental duplicates.

Get quota and user activity reporting.

Run reports to monitor quota activity for users and groups. Identify issues and adjust quotas as needed.

Empower users with a self-service portal.

Your users can check their remaining quota and printers themselves using the PrinterLogic self-service portal.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a print quota?

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A print quota is a set limit on how much a particular user can print. For PrinterLogic, quotas can be set by volume or price. Quotas can also be set for a specific time period, such as monthly, quarterly, or annually.

Who should use print quotas?

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PrinterLogic’s Print Quota Management feature is best suited for K-12 schools and state and local government agencies looking to gain more control over their print environment. Key benefits include reducing costs and environmental waste. Watch for upcoming releases that will cover legal and higher education use cases.

What is the difference between volume and price quotas?

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Volume quotas are set by page counts. For example, the administrator can set a 50 page limit on printing. Price quotas are done by specific dollar amounts. Spending for price quotas is determined by the per-page costs you or your administrator define (e.g., color might be set at 50 cents per page, while B/W is set at five cents per page).

Do all print quotas need to be the same?

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 No! You can set quotas based on individual users or groups. For example, if all 2nd grade teachers need to have the same limit, you simply assign them to a group and set the quota for them all together

What functionality does Quota Management offer beyond placing limits on printing?

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Plenty! Along with making it easy to configure granular page- or price-based quotas for both users and groups, Quota Management offers reporting to facilitate monitoring print activity at all levels. IT can see exactly who is printing what, when, and how often. This creates opportunities for insight, optimization, reduced environmental footprint, and further cost savings.

For more frequently asked questions, check out our full FAQ

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