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Solutions for Android Network Printing

Mobile devices have become indispensable to the way we work and play. This has become increasingly evident in the world of enterprise printing, where the widespread adoption of mobile devices has led to vast numbers of employees and guest users wanting to print to network printers using their BYOD or company-issued Android smartphones and tablets. For already overtaxed IT departments, however, setting up and supporting Android network printing for these users can seem overwhelming.

Actually, Android network printing isn’t challenging at all—provided you have the right tools. And PrinterLogic’s Mobile Printing solution is just that. It allows any Android device to print to any authorized printer in a way that’s easy and transparent for the user and requires absolutely zero device-specific setup for IT.

PrinterLogic doesn’t rely on workarounds or hacks, nor does it use Google Cloud Print printers or other proprietary solutions to achieve this kind of functionality. Its Mobile Printing solution leverages proven email-to-print capabilities to enable printing from any Android device to any network printer. If that device is capable of sending email, it can print, regardless of file type. That flexibility applies to endpoint devices as well. Any networked printer—including legacy hardware—can receive those jobs and print them just as if they had been initiated from a workstation. Likewise, Android print jobs are subject to PrinterLogic’s comprehensive auditing oversight.

To enable printing from an Android smartphone or tablet to a network printer using Mobile Printing, all you have to do is assign a printer a discrete email address in PrinterLogic’s intuitive, centralized admin console. Android users can then simply email documents to that printer, where the job will immediately be printed. That experience is even more straightforward and reliable than dedicated Android cloud printing solutions.

Typically, any solution that promises such unprecedented ease of use involves hidden tradeoffs. PrinterLogic’s Mobile Printing provides this incredible network printing simplicity for Android clients without compromise. So in addition to effortless Android network printing, your organization’s print environment benefits from:

  • Enterprise-grade security: As accessible as Mobile Printing is, you still determine which users can print and to which printers.
  • Granular control: With Mobile Printing, you can set quotas for how much Android users can print, deauthorize certain file types, limit printing exclusively to black and white, and more.
  • Total flexibility: Because Mobile Printing doesn’t have any hardware-dependent requirements, you can print with the latest Android devices alongside legacy printers. And to retain functionality when upgrading your network printers, you’re not beholden to any single printer manufacturer.
  • Printer-specific release: Mobile Printing allows Android users to release a print job to a specific printer from their mobile device.

With PrinterLogic, printing from Android devices to network printers is as easy as it gets. Your organization’s Android users will certainly appreciate the simplicity, as will your IT support staff. Contact us today for a free trial or demo of our software and see for yourself how easy Android printing is with PrinterLogic.