Simplify and Expand Your Enterprise Mobile Printing Capabilities

Posted by Jordan Pusey

It’s a time of major change in the enterprise. Ready or not, mobile users are radically altering the network topography, and nowhere does this have more impact than in your print environment. Are your mobile printing capabilities up to the task?

Some organizations have already taken tentative steps toward implementing mobile printing, such as purchasing a small number of printers enabled with Google Cloud Print functionality or iOS printing. But those aren’t true enterprise mobile printing solutions. They’re stopgaps. Not only do they complicate the print environment by introducing extra hardware, they aren’t as scalable as generally accessible network printers. When it comes time to expand a print environment to include even more mobile users and a wider variety of devices, that small pool of mobile-printing-enabled printers will limit rather than accommodate growth.

Now imagine if you could enable any printer in your organization—even legacy devices—with platform-agnostic universal mobile printing capabilities. Without any extra software for your mobile users to install. For full-featured mobile printing from any device.

That’s Mobile Printing from PrinterLogic. Our enterprise mobile printing solution provides all of those benefits and even offers BYOD and guest printing, giving organizations like yours an easy, near-universal way to simplify your mobile printing infrastructure while expanding your mobile printing capabilities.

With PrinterLogic’s Mobile Printing native mobile printing features, all iOS users have to do is tap the “Share” button on their mobile devices. By choosing “Print” and then selecting a PrinterLogic printer, they can easily print any document. Android and Chromebook users simply use the native print button and select the PrinterLogic printer. It doesn’t matter if they’re using an iPhone, a previous-generation Android-powered tablet or a brand new Chromebook — this straightforward user experience is the native device experience. They can print to any network printer, regardless of that device’s native mobile printing capabilities, and there’s absolutely no need for them to install any printers or special software clients.

For BYOD and guest users, the process is just as streamlined. PrinterLogic’s Mobile Printing uses reliable email-to-print functionality so that all these users have to do is send documents to a printer’s dedicated email address. Those documents will then enter the queue like any other print job. This works even if the users are off-network, which means their devices don’t have to be connected to internal WiFi to be able to print.

Naturally, this incredible ease of use goes hand in hand with the security you’d expect of enterprise mobile printing. That’s why Mobile Printing from PrinterLogic lets you:

  • Maintain oversight: While enjoying the convenience of mobile printing capabilities, your organization retains total control over both the users and printers that are authorized for mobile printing.
  • Enforce limits: Set caps on how much guests are able to print as well as the file types they’re allowed to print. You can even limit printer functionality to black-and-white printing and more.
  • Control individual print jobs: Through printer-specific release, your mobile employees can choose to automatically release a print job to a designated printer.

So while it’s true that mobile, BYOD and guest users are profoundly reshaping the enterprise, you can meet that change head-on with PrinterLogic’s Mobile Printing solution. Contact us today to get get secure, scalable, enterprise-grade mobile printing capabilities without upheavals in workflow and massive infrastructure investment.