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Simplified Print Environments

A couple of decades ago, there were a handful of tech visionaries who clearly foresaw the future we’re now living in. For many of us, however, it wasn’t until much more recently that powerful pocket-sized computers, self-driving cars and voice assistants moved beyond the stuff of sci-fi. In the world of enterprise print management, that rift is particularly apparent. More than a few large organizations are still struggling to get to grips with developments like mobile printing, and their print environments are stuck in yesterday’s status quo.

That’s not by choice. If given the chance to implement advanced features such as mobile printing as part of a cost-effective, powerful and intuitive enterprise print-management solution, it’s safe to say that most admins would seriously consider it. But terms like “advanced” and “powerful” always seem to be euphemisms for “complex.” As enterprise IT trends toward simplified print environments through cloud-based solutions and smaller infrastructure footprints, complexity is the last thing anyone wants to introduce more of.

Simplifying Your Print Environment with PrinterLogic
PrinterLogic takes a different approach to enterprise print management than traditional solutions like print servers and conventional direct-IP printing. Instead, PrinterLogic’s serverless model combines the centralized administration that sophisticated print-server architectures offer with the straightforward reliability of direct-IP client–printer connections. This next-generation model eliminates print servers’ cumbersome infrastructure and single points of failure while introducing unprecedented manageability to direct-IP printing.

Whether you’re using our low-footprint on-premises solution or our cloud-based solution, PrinterLogic provides a clear window onto your entire print environment—even in organizations with wide geographic distribution. From a single pane of glass, admins can monitor print queues and print activity across the organization. They can also easily create, add, move or modify settings for any driver or networked printer. Printers can be deployed to users individually or en masse based on a number of granular criteria, all without the need for scripts or GPOs.

On the front end, it’s just as easy for the end user. With the help of optional floor plan maps PrinterLogic’s self-service installation portal enables users to identify authorized printers close to them and then install them with a single click. This alone has the potential to reduce print-related support tickets, and its ease of use makes it foundational to modern simplified print environments. End users enjoy reliable printing from any location.

PrinterLogic Reduces Infrastructure and Management Overhead
PrinterLogic begins streamlining your print environment from the moment of implementation. Its migration tools avoid the tedious import processes that might be familiar from print-server migrations. It’s a true lift-and-shift approach, with all your selected queues, printer objects and drivers carried over from your existing environment and brought into PrinterLogic’s serverless solution. And if there are some print servers you want to retain, that’s fine. PrinterLogic works seamlessly alongside them.

Many of our customers tell us that enterprise print management becomes an afterthought in their PrinterLogic environment. Routine printer installs can be carried out by end users themselves via the self-service installation portal, and admins who prefer to exercise stricter control can easily configure automated deployments through the centralized management console. Printers can be delivered to individual end users or entire departments according to a whole host of Active Directory (AD) criteria or network identifiers like IP addresses.

The centralized console also consolidates drivers into a single repository, so printer drivers no longer have to be replicated across servers. They can be updated across the organization with one command or maintained side by side in different versions. The “set it and forget it” quality of PrinterLogic puts an end to painstakingly updating drivers over multiple servers or troubleshooting spooler crashes as a result of rogue drivers.

More Features, Less Complexity
One potential drawback of simplified print environments is that they eliminate complexity by eliminating valuable features. PrinterLogic doesn’t force organizations to make that tradeoff. With PrinterLogic’s print auditing module, admins can keep a close eye on print activity and costs. They can even have automated reports emailed to decision-makers and department heads on a regular basis to help keep a tight rein on consumables usage.

Mobile printing is an option with PrinterLogic too. This is a native extension of our core solution that allows any authorized user with any mobile device, including BYOD users and guests, to print to any authorized network printer. There’s no client-side software for users or admins to install, and PrinterLogic’s mobile printing even works with legacy printing devices.

Through its innovative serverless architecture, PrinterLogic brings the state-of-the-art simplicity to enterprise print management. It’s led to radically simplified print environments for organizations large and small, both localized and global in scope, and from a wide range of industries. Sign up now for a free 30-day trial of PrinterLogic or PrinterCloud and see how you can put your organization’s print environment on the path to simplicity too.