PrinterLogic: The Top Mobile Printing Software Solution

Posted by Andrew Miller

Why has the general public been so quick to embrace mobile devices—a trend that, if anything, shows signs of speeding up rather than slowing down? Two important reasons are that mobile devices are convenient and they’re easy to use. Which is something that holds true until it comes time for mobile printing. That’s when you start looking for mobile printing software solutions that share convenience and ease of use with the devices they claim to support.

The problem is that easy and convenient could rarely be used to describe mobile printing software. Often these solutions take the form of clunky add-ons, selective proprietary technology such as iOS or Google Cloud Print, or workarounds that are anything but seamless. They might enable mobile printing by bridging the mobile device with the printer, but they can be unreliable, limited in function and complicated for the mobile user.

As this page explains in detail, PrinterLogic’s Mobile Printing solution separates itself from lesser mobile printing software through its powerful simplicity. Without having to install a single driver, plugin or app, your mobile users will have full mobile printing capabilities within your enterprise print environment.

Thanks to the convenience of Mobile Printing, users can print:

  • Any file type: Word document? Excel spreadsheet? Powerpoint presentation? TIFF or PDF? PrinterLogic’s Mobile Printing allows mobile users to print any format you authorize.
  • From any device: Regardless of whether their device is running Android, iOS or a niche mobile OS, users will be able to print without complications or the need for extra mobile printing software.
  • To any printer: PrinterLogic works with all network printers, which means mobile users aren’t restricted in their printer choice. Even legacy devices can be endowed with mobile printing capabilities.

Just as importantly, Mobile Printing with PrinterLogic is easy too. All users have to do is tap the “Share” button and then select a PrinterLogic-enabled printer. The print job then enters the print queue like any other. That makes full-featured mobile printing no more complicated than sending an e-mail attachment or posting a photo to Facebook, so even less skilled users will be able to grasp it in no time.

PrinterLogic’s Mobile Printing also enables BYOD and guests to print with the same ease and convenience. By leveraging tried and tested email-to-print functionality, PrinterLogic allows BYOD users, contractors, freelancers, temps and roaming employees to safely print to network printers from their mobile devices—even if they’re off-network. The way it works is simple: All they have to do is obtain the dedicated email address for a network printer. Any document they send to that address is immediately relayed to that printer’s print queue.

The best part about PrinterLogic’s Mobile Printing is that you don’t have to compromise on security. Through quick and straightforward configuration, you decide exactly who’s allowed to print, what they’re allowed to print, and which printers they’re allowed to print to. In other words, IT enjoys the same convenience and ease of use as the mobile user!