PrinterLogic SaaS Is a Truly Serverless Printing Solution

The cloud came with a lot of promises. You’d be able to reduce physical infrastructure, manage everything from one place, enjoy more flexibility and features. Migration to the cloud would free up IT resources and be more cost-effective.

As most IT professionals know, printing was one thing that proved harder to shift.

You can take your print management software and host it in the cloud, obviously. But some of the old problems don’t go away. You’re still stuck with single points of failure, awkward deployment mechanisms, on-prem servers, limited security and all the other drawbacks of legacy print management solutions.

That’s why PrinterLogic SaaS is unique.

Our industry-leading serverless printing infrastructure realizes the promise of what cloud computing was meant to be. It lets you fully eliminate print servers from your organization while gaining virtually effortless, totally serverless print management from a single pane of glass. You get centralized management of printers and drivers along with powerful reporting—all without having to rely on scripting or GPOs.

Unlike some “cloud-optimized” print management software, PrinterLogic is a true SaaS offering. It’s not some cloud-hosted shortcut that leaves you stuck with server licensing, configuration and maintenance. Nor does it force you and your users to tunnel through a VPN.

PrinterLogic SaaS also isn’t a hybrid approach that makes you keep servers onsite. Solutions like that involve too many compromises. When we say PrinterLogic eliminates print servers completely and permanently, we mean it.

All the Features (and More), None of the Infrastructure

Okay, so we know that PrinterLogic’s serverless printing eliminates print servers for good. How does serverless print management with PrinterLogic SaaS stack up against the status quo?

  • Maintenance-free. When you eliminate print servers, you don’t just get rid of physical infrastructure. You eliminate all the licensing, migration and other headaches that they entail.
  • Automatic upgrades. Like true SaaS solutions, updates to PrinterLogic’s serverless printing infrastructure are automated and seamless. That means your print environment always has access to the latest fixes and features.
  • Truly universal. More than just a serverless print server, PrinterLogic works with any printer, any OS and any VDI. Compatibility with your current and future IT environment just isn’t a concern.
  • Secure by design. Our serverless secure printing avoids common attack vectors because there are no shared print queues. And PrinterLogic’s robust direct IP architecture keeps confidential data on the LAN.

Hardened Security That’s Easy to Implement and User-Friendly

Considering the overlooked importance of print security, it’s worth highlighting that last point to appreciate just how secure PrinterLogic SaaS is.

  • PrinterLogic SaaS is AWS-hosted and therefore meets rigorous standards for security and compliance.
  • Eliminating print servers removes their inherent vulnerabilities. PrinterLogic’s serverless printing is the only way to eliminate print servers without sacrificing functionality and ease of management.
  • Features like serverless pull printing and secure release printing are now augmented by simple badge release and offline secure print release in PrinterLogic SaaS.
  • Plus there are many other release options for serverless secure printing. These include multifactor authentication (MFA) such as CAC/PIV as well as native control panel apps.
  • Integration with leading cloud-based identity providers (IdPs) such as Okta and Azure AD means users’ credentials are strong and centrally managed with the help of security experts.
  • Ours is the only print management software that’s been certified to meet with stringent U.S. government security standards like FIPS 140-2.
  • As security isn’t effective unless end users adopt it, we’ve always put a lot of emphasis on usability. PrinterLogic’s serverless pull printing, for example, is super easy for them to make a part of their everyday printing workflow.

Schedule a Risk-Free, Cost-Free Demo

The best way to understand exactly how these benefits play out in the real world is to see our serverless printing infrastructure in action. And the best way to do that is to schedule a demo of PrinterLogic SaaS. It doesn’t take more than a few seconds to sign up. After that, you can deploy PrinterLogic as a proof of concept in your own environment entirely free of charge for 30 days.

You’ll quickly discover that PrinterLogic is efficient, flexible, secure, scalable and reliable—everything that printing should be, and everything that server-based printing isn’t.

That’s why PrinterLogic SaaS isn’t just print management software in the cloud. It’s better to think of it as what print management looks like on cloud nine.