Print without a Server

Printing with USB-connected printers is convenient and certainly simplifies troubleshooting, but once your organization expands beyond more than a handful of employees, it makes more sense to migrate to shared network printers. To handle that kind of print infrastructure, most organizations choose to implement SMB- or enterprise-scale print server solutions.

The trouble is that print servers aren’t really ideal either. They cost money to purchase (both software licensing and hardware), operate, maintain and eventually upgrade, and they require almost constant oversight the entire time they’re deployed. Between things like spooler crashes, difficult printer deployments, single points of failure and driver incompatibilities, print server management can eat up more than its fair share of IT resources. It’s not uncommon for organizations to have one or two (or even more) IT personnel dedicated to managing the print server solutions that were supposed to make the print environment more scalable.

The perfect solution would be to print without a server, which would eliminate the need for print server management, network print server software, and all the resources that go into supporting them on a daily basis. But just short of the impossible scenario of connecting a USB printer to every single client, what choice do you have?

PrinterLogic’s next-generation print management solution enables you to print without the hassle and headache that plague print server solutions. Instead, we offer two different but equally intuitive and powerful ways to roll out reliable, flexible and low-footprint enterprise printing across your organization:

Whereas some enterprise printing solutions are just network print server software masquerading as a standalone product, PrinterLogic’s solutions really are complete and full-service. They can either enhance your existing print server solutions or they can replace them altogether, even in challenging virtual environments like Citrix and VMware. Through PrinterLogic’s easy-to-use management console, you can manage drivers effortlessly, deploy printers to end users dynamically, conveniently monitor print behavior and print usage across the organization, and expand the capabilities of your entire print environment seamlessly through options like Mobile Printing and Pull Printing.

PrinterLogic is able to deliver these features alongside high availability and rock-solid stability because it leverages direct IP printing, which establishes one-to-one connections between clients and printers. This means that end users can keep printing as usual even during a WAN outage, and print job data traffic doesn’t bog down the network as it reduces, or even eliminates back-and-forth trips across the WAN. And while conventional direct IP print management can be as challenging as print server management, PrinterLogic’s approach to printer administration is unparalleled in its ease and power. To give just one example, you can enable one-time or permanent default printer settings by simply ticking a checkbox.

At one time, the idea of printing without a server might have seemed beyond the reach of the enterprise. But with PrinterLogic able to replace even the most complex and deeply embedded print server solutions with its own lean, feature-rich and cost-effective print management solution, there’s no need for any organization to struggle with print servers anymore.