Print Monitoring Software from PrinterLogic

How much visibility do you have into your print environment? Surprisingly, even in this day and age, this is something enterprise-scale organizations struggle with. We now have smart fridges that can analyze their contents and alert us when it’s time to buy more milk. Home thermostats, sensors and lights that can be monitored and controlled from halfway around the world. And yet it’s so hard to find print monitoring software that’s able to give us the real-time status of our entire print environment at a glance.

It’s true that traditional print infrastructures like print servers are able to provide limited—well, very limited—visibility into printer status and print jobs. But while many admins have resigned themselves to the print monitoring status quo, they’ve still wished for more powerful reporting and print job monitoring software.

At PrinterLogic, we’ve never been content with the status quo. Not when it comes to print management, and certainly not when it comes to print monitoring. That was the driving force behind us developing our next-generation enterprise software solution, which enables organizations of all sizes, structures and sectors to eliminate print servers and restore manageability to print management.

As our software transformed what was possible in enterprise print management, we integrated print monitoring functionality that gave admins unprecedented insight into their print environment. From the micro (e.g., individual print jobs, toner levels) to the macro (e.g., departmental trends, consolidation guidance) levels, our solution provides the vital data that’s needed to make informed decisions about consumables, company wide printing behavior and cost-saving initiatives.

With PrinterLogic’s print monitoring features, you can capture and view printer status attributes through an intuitive and customizable SNMP console. Those attributes include current data like paper and ink levels as well as longer-term operational stats such as uptime and lifetime page count. PrinterLogic also has the functionality of print job monitoring software built in, giving you detailed information on specific jobs and user printing trends—even for USB-connected printers.

But gathering data is only the first step. As an admin, you not only have access to this print monitoring data but can arrange it according to different categories like date and time, duplexing, user job title, grayscale/color, department or client computer. That ability to organize a wealth of data quickly and efficiently can shed a lot of light on how cost-saving initiatives can be implemented. Our print management solution can reveal things like:

  • which users in your organization account for the most print jobs
  • who printed a document labeled “classified”
  • how a given department’s consumables usage has changed over time
  • when a print job—or group of print jobs—was carried out
  • where your printers are seeing the heaviest usage

You can even use PrinterLogic to auto-generate reports and have them automatically emailed to managers and department heads. That keeps everyone in the print monitoring loop and makes for a smoother decision-making process.

On top of that, you get unparalleled enterprise-grade print management, including the ability to deploy printers without GPOs and scripts in any environment—even challenging ones like Citrix and VMware.

PrinterLogic’s on-premises print management solution as well as our new SaaS cloud-based solution, PrinterLogic SaaS (formerly PrinterCloud), also give you access to sought-after features like Mobile Printing and Pull Printing, which seamlessly introduce advanced but easy-to-use functionality across your entire print environment. Coupled with PrinterLogic’s print monitoring capabilities, that’s a powerful combo that leads to greater efficiency and proven cost savings.