Location Based Printing Solutions

Posted by Devin Anderson

If your organization makes use of Citrix or VMware environments, then any enterprise print management solution you consider should also be a full-featured location-based printing solution.

Location-based printing solutions—sometimes referred to as location-aware printing solutions (or proximity printing in Citrix environments)—simplify the frustrating complexity of administering printers in virtual environments. For example, PrinterLogic enables you to deploy and install printers based on location, regardless of whether that has to do with the user’s network address or physical address. In other words, when a user initiates a virtual session, the nearest printer is installed automatically according to a variety of customizable device or directory criteria that can easily be associated with a specific site. That includes:

  • IP address (such as any that fall within a given range)
  • Computer name
  • Active Directory (AD) user or group
  • AD Organizational Unit (OU) membership

Location-based printing is particularly useful for mobile users who log into virtual sessions in changing physical locations, such as different departments or branches, as well as for users who roam to different floors or offices within a session. Because the criteria allow for so much customization, you can configure location-aware printing according to specific needs of your organization or even smaller departments within it, and the end user will always see and be able to print to the nearest printer effortlessly. For roaming users, PrinterLogic will reliably and automatically remove and install the right printers for the right users on the fly.

That means: No driver incompatibilities. No installation guesswork and incorrectly installed “lingering” printers that are impossible to remove. No frantic calls to the service desk for troubleshooting assistance. Want to deploy a printer to every VMware user in a particular subnet? Or implement a location-aware printing group policy? PrinterLogic’s powerful location-based printing capability and renowned seamless integration with Citrix and VMware environments lets you do so with ease.

PrinterLogic can also go one step further in the case of VMware Horizon View location-based printing. By dynamically provisioning printers in this popular virtual environment, it takes the need for constant oversight off the shoulders of IT and the pressure off the end user. That avoids the all-too-common problems that crop up with managing endpoint device printer drivers or configuring dedicated printer profiles.

And if the demand for greater mobility hasn’t yet hit your organization, trust me, it’s only a matter of time before it does. Location-aware printing solutions are soon going to be more important to your print environment than ever, and only PrinterLogic complements these virtual solutions so smoothly you’ll think it was their native printing functionality—just, you know, much better.

For more information on how PrinterLogic simplifies and augments your virtual environments through location-based printing, check out this blog post.