Install Network Printers Easily and Securely

Posted by Jordan Pusey

All too often, network printer management involves tradeoffs. Robust solutions are hardly ever simple. Simple solutions are rarely secure.

And so the idea of installing network printers in a way that’s both easy and secure across an entire organization becomes something like a distant dream. That’s why many organizations settle for traditional print management solutions like print servers: Because they think network printer management software that does not require compromises just doesn’t exist.

It’s time to think again. We’ve designed PrinterLogic to be an incredibly efficient network print management solution that gives you and your end users a whole host of possibilities for printer installation while streamlining and securing the installation process through centralized administrative control. It can be implemented seamlessly in any existing environment, and what’s more, it has additional modules that can provide even greater oversight and deliver an even higher level of security to your print environment.

PrinterLogic’s network print management software simplifies printer installation by putting power in the hands of your end users. By using the intuitive PrinterLogic self-service portal, which is a uniform Web-based interface, users have the ability to browse the list of available printers, select the correct one for installation, and then automatically install it with a single click. You can even upload floorplan maps so that end users can locate, identify and install printers using visual references. No matter the size of your organization, this end user empowerment has the potential to offset one of the largest reasons for service desk calls—potential that’s been confirmed by our customers over and over again.

Of course, empowering end users shouldn’t come at the expense of administrative control. With PrinterLogic’s straightforward centralized management, you can easily deploy printers to end users according to the following criteria:

  • Active Directory user, computer, group, or container
  • Organizational unit (OU)
  • IP address ranges

…all without resorting to complex scripts or group policy objects (GPOs). That means users can only install the printers they are authorized to, and it doesn’t take admins hours of wrangling with a long list of criteria to ensure that end users aren’t able to access printers they shouldn’t.

That powerful but simple administrative control extends to print drivers too. Once PrinterLogic is implemented as your network printer management software, you can easily administer driver updates, change profile settings, and make custom configurations—selectively or en masse, manually or automatically. Not only does this granular management avoid printer driver conflicts, it also locks down crucial waypoints in the pursuit of end-to-end printing security.

Then you have the option of installing modules that introduce features like Print Auditing and Secure Printing. Print Auditing gives you macro- and micro-level oversight over your entire print environment, so you can quantify consumables usage and monitor detailed printing activity at a glance. Secure Printing offers three different release mechanisms to safeguard against print jobs being executed or viewed by unauthorized users during the final step in the printing chain.

In line with PrinterLogic delivering multiple benefits, both modules can also cut costs by helping to reduce waste in addition to securing your enterprise print environment. Where other solutions can only offer tradeoffs, PrinterLogic’s network print management software enables you to truly have it all.