How to Get the Most out of Your Advanced Print Features

Whether your organization is already using PrinterLogic or you have yet to implement our enterprise printing software, there are advanced features that you might not be taking advantage of. This blog post takes a brief look at capabilities like PrinterLogic’s mobile printing, secure pull printing and location-based (proximity) printing and how to get the most out of them in your environment.

The Ideal Print Environment
What does the ideal print environment look like? Most print admins and end users will agree that it’s most or all of the following:

  • Scalable: As users, clients and printing devices enter and leave the environment, the print infrastructure—no matter how large—can accommodate those changes quickly and seamlessly.
  • Versatile: The print environment is able to fully serve all users, regardless of their varied or unique printing demands.
  • Reliable: When users need to print, they can do so with ease and confidence. There’s never any question about print availability.
  • Intuitive: Front-end printing and back-end print-management processes alike are easy to understand and execute.
  • Dynamic: Printing functionality keeps pace with emerging trends, both internally and industry-wide, and is available as soon as the organization is ready to implement it.

With its ability to eliminate print servers from even the largest organizations, PrinterLogic’s serverless, centrally managed direct-IP printing solution has proven itself in case after case to be scalable, versatile, reliable and intuitive. But what about dynamic? Can organizations leverage PrinterLogic’s enterprise printing software to be responsive to new developments or even stay ahead of the curve?

You might not be surprised to find that the answer is yes. Here are some of the advanced features in our enterprise printing software and how they can benefit your organization.

Mobile Printing
As the world goes mobile, traditional print environments have struggled to keep up. In many organizations, mobile printing, if it even exists at all, is a piecemeal add-on that only works with select mobile clients, select printers or for certain users. And BYOD and guest printing? That’s usually too much to ask, because opening up the print environment to BYOD users and guests is either a huge security risk or too labor-intensive from an administrative point of view.

PrinterLogic’s mobile-printing solution allows users to print from any mobile device, regardless of OS, to any authorized printer, even legacy devices. There’s no client-side software to install, and the printing process is simple and transparent to the end user. Better still, BYOD and guest printing is not only available as a part of PrinterLogic’s mobile printing but is easy to implement through proven email-to-print functionality.

Location-Based (Proximity) Printing
One of the primary and persistent challenges in any print environment lies in consistently getting the right printers to the right users without complicated setup. The advanced deployments in PrinterLogic’s enterprise printing software enable admins to deploy printers to specific users automatically based on a whole host of criteria, including Active Directory (AD) categories such as user and organizational unit (OU). No GPOs or scripts are necessary.

When PrinterLogic’s advanced deployments are configured on the basis of IP address ranges, they can be used to create proximity printing (aka location-based printing) assignments. Printers in a particular physical location will then automatically be made available to end users—even if those users have only just arrived. There’s no need for them to call the help desk for installation support.

Secure Pull Printing
With security on everyone’s mind, it’s only natural for organizations to look to secure pull-printing capabilities to lock down their print environment. However, many secure pull-printing solutions come with a long list of limitations. They might not work with a particular release mechanism, or they might only work with select printers.

PrinterLogic’s secure pull-printing module gives organizations a lot more flexibility and convenience in how they choose to implement this feature, which helps to ensure that users will make secure printing a natural part of their printing workflow. Once users have sent their print job to a virtual queue via a universal printer driver (or in layman’s terms, clicked “Print”), they can execute the job at any equipped printer using one of several different release mechanisms depending on company policy. These include badge/card reader, the printer’s control panel, a mobile device (app or browser) or even through our HSPD-12-compliant CAC/PIV solution.

Advanced Features for the Competitive Advantage
Advanced features like these give organizations who’ve migrated to PrinterLogic’s enterprise printing software a serious competitive advantage. Instead of playing catch-up or wrestling with the complexity of patchwork solutions, they can capitalize on easy-to-implement, easy-to-use features like mobile printing and secure pull printing to give their employees seamless access to cutting-edge capabilities without the usual administrative overhead.

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