How to Create a True Enterprise Mobile Print Solution

The enterprise has changed. The days of bulky workstations rooted to desks are over. Computing has become thinner, lighter, more powerful, more diverse, more mobile, and our IT environments have been transformed in turn—sometimes quickly, sometimes slowly, but transformed nevertheless.

Amid all this change, the print environment has more or less stayed the same. Many organizations continue to rely on traditional print management solutions like print servers, which are limited in their support not just for mobile printing in general but seamless, effortless and secure mobile printing in particular. Some solutions hold out the promise of easy-to-implement and easy-to-use enterprise mobile printing, but in practice they’re often patchwork and piecemeal.

So what defines a true enterprise mobile printing solution?

  • It has to be seamless. True mobile printing shouldn’t feel like a hack or a workaround.
  • It has to be an integral part of the existing print management solution, providing the same straightforward access to printers and many of the same features that desktop clients enjoy.
  • It has to be scalable. Enterprise mobile printing is challenging enough without having to wrestle with quotas. A true solution will grow smoothly and dynamically to meet the ever-changing demands of your mobile client base.
  • It has to be versatile. A true mobile printing solution doesn’t force your organization to conform to a certain printing paradigm, and it can handle BYOD users with the same ease as company-issued devices.
  • It has to be secure. This is something that often gets sidelined when organizations want to implement mobile printing that’s intuitive enough for end users to understand without having to call the service desk constantly for help. But simplicity and security aren’t mutually exclusive. A true solution will deliver secure mobile printing that also conforms to the one-tap expectations of your end users.

PrinterLogic’s Mobile Printing module meets all those requirements. With Mobile Printing, there’s no client-side software to install. None at all. No special apps, no device profiles, no daemons. That means any authorized device, regardless of operating system or manufacturer, is equipped to leverage enterprise mobile printing. And Mobile Printing works with any network printer—so even legacy printing devices can become part of your enterprise mobile printing infrastructure. That saves time when it comes to implementation, saves resources when it comes to support, and saves costs when it comes to hardware.

Generally, the hardest group to support within enterprise mobile printing is BYOD users and guests. But Mobile Printing makes it incredibly easy. Instead of having to jump through all the usual hoops of network access, authorization, printer mapping, driver installation and so on, BYOD users and guests can use the proven email-to-print functionality in PrinterLogic’s Mobile Printing. All they have to do is send an email containing their files to the dedicated email address of a particular printer. This way, they don’t even have to be on-network to print.

As simple as it is to use, Mobile Printing remains secure. Admins retain complete control over which users are authorized to print and to which printers. They can set limits on how much individual guests can print, and even enforce grayscale duplex printing.

That’s what makes from PrinterLogic a true mobile printing solution—one that allows your organization to implement intuitive, robust and secure enterprise mobile printing across your entire client base. Quickly, confidently and cost effectively.