Healthcare Printing Solutions from PrinterLogic

Posted by Jordan Pusey

When large, diverse healthcare organizations like Princeton Community Hospital, Laser Spine Institute, Guthrie, OhioHealth and the Orthopedic Institute of New Jersey were looking for healthcare printing solutions that would support their need for robust, specialized EMR and EHR printing, many of them had no idea that their entire approach to enterprise print management would change in the process. But it did. And that’s because they discovered and implemented PrinterLogic.

From the outset, our next-generation print management was designed to streamline enterprise print management for any organization, regardless of its size, structure or sector, and that made it ideal for some of the toughest, most challenging environments—particularly hospitals and other healthcare providers.

That’s due to the fact that healthcare and hospital printing solutions have to meet unique, industry-specific demands, such as EHR/EMR printing guidelines, which call for strict confidentiality of patient records and secure printing protocols. As a result, any healthcare or hospital printing solution typically has to integrate tightly and seamlessly with an additional EHR or EMR software platform, many of which are idiosyncratic (to put it lightly) and finicky. Implementing just any enterprise printing software is likely to cause constant incompatibility problems and EHR printing errors, as some organizations have learned the hard way.

However, the small footprint and innate versatility of our enterprise print management solution allow it to achieve what other hospital printing solutions can’t. Time and time again, PrinterLogic has been proven to be implemented quickly, easily and cost-effectively in what are routinely considered the most demanding environments—including Citrix, VMware, Epic and MEDITECH—and revolutionize both EMR printing and healthcare organizations’ approach to print management.

How exactly that happens depends on the use case, but there are a lot of commonalities. For example, more and more hospitals and healthcare organizations have floating staff who need to be able to log into any terminal and print securely to the nearest printer per EMR/EHR printing guidelines. PrinterLogic makes that possible through easy-to-configure dynamic printer deployments that integrate fully with Active Directory but require zero GPOs or scripts. This means you can confidently and accurately deliver printers to staff based on a whole variety of criteria, such as Active Directory criteria or IP address.

And in the event that end users need a different printer than what was automatically deployed to them, they can simply go to PrinterLogic’s acclaimed self-service portal and install printers by themselves with a single click. There’s no need to lose precious time calling the service desk because optional floorplan maps make it incredibly easy for them—even brand-new staff—to identify and choose the right printer.

Conventional hospital printing solutions have also struggled to support printing from mobile devices like tablets. Not PrinterLogic. Our Mobile Printing feature makes it incredibly easy to provide your entire staff with full-featured printing capabilities from their phones and tablets, regardless of operating system and regardless of the brand of printer. And there’s absolutely no client-side software to install and maintain.

Just as importantly, PrinterLogic’s Pull Printing module allows your organization to comply with EMR/EHR printing guidelines by making printing an intentional two-step process. In the first step, the user prints as usual, but the job is not executed immediately. Instead, the user authorizes the print job at the printer using an ID mechanism like a badge or a card reader. Not only does this ensure that sensitive patient information remains in the right hands, it also prevents waste from unclaimed print jobs.

Nor are those the only benefits of PrinterLogic over other healthcare and hospital printing solutions. Because PrinterLogic adopts a centralized approach to enterprise print management, your organization can eliminate print servers altogether while gaining the ability to add, administer and remove printers across the print environment from a single pane of glass. It’s an approach that has provided many healthcare providers with something they never thought they’d have: reliable EMR printing coupled with maximum print availability and effortless enterprise print management.