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Guest Printing

Posted by Devin Anderson

Does your organization ever use freelancers? How about contractors? Consultants? Do any outside executives or visiting partners ever turn up?

These all fall under the label of “guests,” and much like anyone else, quite often they need to print. The problem up to now has been that setting up guest printing just isn’t very easy. In many cases guest printing requires a suitable device running a compatible operating system and the inconvenient process of a full printer installation—and even if all those criteria are met, there can be connection problems, driver incompatibilities, limited auditing, and security issues.

PrinterLogic’s new Mobile Printing solution clears all the hurdles of guest printing in one fell swoop. With Mobile Printing, guests can quickly and easily print from any device to any printer in your organization no matter where they happen to be. There’s absolutely no need for print servers, driver installs, or device compatibility with iOS or Google Cloud Print.

Using straightforward email-to-print functionality, PrinterLogic’s Mobile Printing solution allows guests—as well as mobile and BYOD employees—to easily print from whatever device they happen to be using, even if they’re outside of the network. All these users have to do is walk up to a printer, enter its dedicated email address, and simply email documents to that printer. The jobs then enter the queue just like any other job initiated from a workstation.

This solution is as much a relief for the guest as it is for IT. That’s because, in addition to simplifying the actual printing process for guests, Mobile Printing reduces end-user reliance on IT while keeping powerful authorization checks in place. For example:

  • Security: You decide who can print, what they can print, and to which printers. PrinterLogic’s Mobile Printing is proof that simplicity and security don’t have to be mutually exclusive.
  • Control: You’re able to set quotas for how much guests can print, the file types they can print, limit printing to black and white only, and more. Not only does this provide further security, it also caps the potential costs of guest printing.
  • Compatibility: You can use PrinterLogic’s Mobile Printing solution to make your printing environment compatible with the most cutting-edge devices without the need to replace your existing printers.

With PrinterLogic’s Mobile Printing solution, guest printing goes from being a major inconvenience to an almost invisible part of your enterprise print environment.