Enterprise Print Management

Posted by Devin Anderson

Enterprise print management is serious business. You’ve got a fundamental aspect of the day-to-day operations of an entire organization riding on your shoulders, and it’s up to you and your IT team to make sure it can take place easily, transparently and without interruption for every single end user from the office intern to the CEO.

At PrinterLogic, we recognize precisely what serious business enterprise print management is, which is why we’ve spent many years developing a solution with a feature set that reads like a print management wish list.

  • We solved the frustration of fragmented printer administration with at-a-glance centralized printer management from a single pane of glass.
  • We dealt with the traditional quirks and workarounds required by Citrix and VMware by creating a solution that integrates seamlessly with these popular environments and augments virtual sessions with its powerful functionality.
  • We took the hassle out of routine printer installation through a self-service portal that is so intuitive, so simple that end users can identify and install nearby printers themselves with a single click.
  • We stripped the complexity out of driver management, allowing admins to deploy updates or change profile configurations for one printer—or even a whole fleet of printers—by little more than checking a box.
  • We designed an integrated Mobile Printing solution that caters to the cutting-edge needs of BYOD employees and guests while making it effortless to carry out secure enterprise-wide printing from any device.

PrinterLogic proves that just because robust, reliable enterprise print management is so vital to your organization’s success, that doesn’t mean it can’t be straightforward too. In fact, the more straightforward it is, the more empowering it is for your IT team as well as your end users—so it’s easier for you to make use of PrinterLogic’s built-in advanced functionality, such as cost-saving comprehensive auditing, or for employees to carry out routine printer installations on their own, saving them and you a call to the service desk.

And with each new enterprise installation, PrinterLogic demonstrates its amazing versatility. Through direct feedback as well as multiple surveys carried out by independent research firms, customers of ours across a vast number of industries—education, logistics, law enforcement, transportation, manufacturing, food services, you name it—have told us how implementing PrinterLogic as their enterprise print management solution saved their organization significant time, money, and frustration. Regardless of their size, their site distribution, or their sector, PrinterLogic put them in total control of their enterprise print environment. Some organizations used PrinterLogic to better manage their existing print servers. Many used PrinterLogic to eliminate print servers altogether.

So if your organization is serious about enterprise print management, why not opt for a streamlined, seamless solution that takes enterprise print management as seriously as you do?