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Easily Enhance Your Company’s Email to Print Capabilities

Posted by Devin Anderson

Organizations everywhere are discovering the benefits of email to print—a wonderfully simple solution to the challenges of today’s enterprise print environments, which include large numbers of mobile users and device heterogeneity. With email to print (also known as print to email), users can easily add files to an email message and then send the message to a specific address, where it will then enter the print queue of a network printer just like any other print job.

The advantages of email to print are many. There are no drivers to install, no complicated logins and authorization processes, no printers to map. Even the most inexperienced users can print from email; and what’s more, it can be done anywhere within the organization or outside of it, so even home users have the convenient ability print their reports, presentations, and other essential documents to in-house printers.

But there are two caveats about email to print that might have already crossed your mind. First, how do you implement this kind of functionality in a controlled, uniform way throughout your organization? And second, given the ease of simply emailing documents to have them printed, how can you print from email in a way that’s secure?

PrinterLogic addresses both of these concerns in one fell swoop with its Mobile Printing solution. For starters, PrinterLogic integrates seamlessly with your existing print environment. It can be deployed enterprise-wide (sometimes in as little as a single day) to give you unprecedented administrative control over all your printers together with incredible ease of use. Your IT team will be able to manage printers and drivers anywhere in the organization from a single pane of glass. And your end users will experience the benefits of reliable automated printer deployment, self-service installation, and much, much more.

With PrinterLogic’s Mobile Printing in place, your users will then enjoy email to print capabilities. All they have to do is send files to a printer’s dedicated email address and they will immediately be printed. Mobile and BYOD users won’t have to call the support desk and ask for help installing drivers. They’ll be able to print from email on any device that has a mail client, no matter whether it’s iOS, Android or a Chromebook. Plus they’ll be able to email to print using any network printer, including legacy devices.

As for security, that’s where PrinterLogic’s Mobile Printing really sets itself apart. With our email to print capabilities, you have total control over which users can print and to which printers (just knowing the email address doesn’t necessarily allow a user to print to email). You can set quotas for how much users are able to print from email, what kind of file types they can print, or even limit printer functionality to double-sided or black-and-white printing. You’ll also be able to equip your end users with printer-specific release printing, which enables them to release a print job to a particular printer right from their mobile device.

Thanks to features like these coupled with its phenomenal enterprise print management, PrinterLogic is the easiest way to enhance your company’s email to print capabilities.