Cloud Print Services

Beyond any shadow of a doubt, we’re already deep into the era of mobile computing. For end users, that means more productivity and a great deal more flexibility. For their employers…well, it’s a little more complicated. Traditional IT infrastructures are still optimized for static environments, and nowhere is that more apparent than with printing. As a result, many companies have opted for cloud printing software and similar enterprise printing solutions to bridge the gap between traditional network infrastructures and their mobile clients.

The lingering issue is that bridging the gap is not always seamless. Cloud printing software can seem more like a patch or a stopgap solution, especially when you have to manage cloud printing for more than a handful of employees. This is because some of the most common cloud printing software solutions such as Google Cloud Print and Apple’s AirPrint were designed with home consumers in mind—one printer accessed by a small pool of mobile devices under light use.

For enterprise printing environments, of course, the circumstances are much different. To successfully implement and manage cloud printing, it’s typically been necessary for organizations to purchase printers that are compatible with the desired cloud printing software and then enable that functionality on an individual basis. When mobile users have BYOD devices, it gets even trickier. In addition to driving up the costs of procurement and management, cloud printing can also open security holes because it becomes more difficult for admins to monitor and manage cloud printing for multiple users from a single, convenient interface.

PrinterLogic’s answer to cloud printing software is called, simply enough, Mobile Printing. Among many other benefits, it provides all the functionality of cloud printing in a cost-effective way and without the usual headache of implementation and management. It’s designed to smoothly and quickly transform traditional print environments into next-generation print environments so that no “gap” exists.

How is PrinterLogic’s Mobile Printing different from other solutions? In three important ways:

  • It works with any printer. That’s right, there’s no need to buy special mobile printing devices or printers with a certain logo. PrinterLogic can turn any network printer into a Mobile Printing-enabled printer. Even legacy devices.
  • There no client-side software to install. Cloud printing software sometimes requires admins to install client-side software on mobile devices so they can access the desired printers. Not so with PrinterLogic’s Mobile Printing. A centralized server handles everything, including the admin console that allows you to manage cloud printing, so any authorized mobile device can print without a call to the service desk or an in-person visit from support.
  • It works with any mobile/BYOD device. PrinterLogic’s Mobile Printing is platform agnostic. So regardless of whether you’re an iOS, Android or Windows Mobile environment—or a mix of all the above—your mobile users can print easily and reliably.

Unlike many cloud printing software solutions, PrinterLogic’s Mobile Printing also provides you with flexible printing options. BYOD users can take advantage of the effortless email-to-print functionality, allowing them to print to any authorized printer on- or off-network. Mobile users can either print immediately to a dedicated printer or utilize the built-in pull printing feature, which means they can release their print job at any desired printer once they’re physically present. And it doesn’t get any easier to manage cloud printing, because mobile users are administered through PrinterLogic’s renowned centralized management console.

Cloud print services can be surprisingly effortless to implement and manage—provided you’ve got PrinterLogic on your side.