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Benefits of the Epic Connector for Healthcare Organizations

​​At this time in history, all eyes are on the healthcare industry as the global pandemic forges on. In a field where each second is valuable, there isn’t time for outdated and time-consuming print processes.

During these turbulent times, we at PrinterLogic decided to focus on how we could help IT administrators working in healthcare do their jobs more effectively. After attending the 2021 HIMSS Global Health Conference & Exhibition, we’re confident our newest integration, the Epic Connector, will improve the health of print environments and allow IT professionals to take back more control.

Streamline Your Infrastructure

Forget about those long days of deploying and managing duplicate drivers and queues. The Epic Connector simplifies these processes so administrators can now manage all print settings from a single centralized Admin Console. 

With Epic, you no longer need multiple, expensive EMR print licenses or staff to handle significant issues. And forget waiting for outside intervention on updates or changes. Instead, everything can be managed from a single pane of glass. You’ll save both time and money by eliminating unnecessary labor and equipment expenses.

Every moment matters in a healthcare environment, and our goal is to simplify printing infrastructure across the board to make it easier to focus on patients.

Advance Your Safety and Security

This new output management process enhances security within your printing environment in addition to improving efficiency. We know the importance of privacy for both your organization and its patients, which is why print jobs are kept local and secure when managed through a single Admin Console.

Security for end users is also offered with our serverless print management solution. This includes Secure Release printing, an advanced feature that keeps a print job locked until the user personally retrieves it at the printer by entering a personal user ID/PIN. 

In addition, Secure Pull Printing includes a touchless option to reduce the use of shared surfaces while keeping any Protected Health Information (PHI) tightly controlled. Instead of entering a code directly into the printer, the end user can simply scan a personal QR code using their smartphone through our mobile app, or swipe their employee badge to obtain their documents.

Reduce Your Complex Processes While Increasing Output

At a time when healthcare workers are having to bounce between multiple hospitals and clinics, it’s unrealistic for EMR administrators to grant network access individually.

For example, a nurse employed by a hospital’s affiliate clinic needs to print a prescription using the hospital’s medical records (EMR) software. The clinic is an independent business and is not connected to the hospital’s secure network. With the Off-Network Printing feature from Epic, the nurse is able to make the connection from outside the corporate firewall to internal printer assets, all without involving EMR administrators. 

What was previously a persistent, time-consuming problem is now a streamlined process managed solely from one pane of glass. 

Gone are the days of frustrating, back-and-forth correspondence between hospital staff and administrators. It’s time to take back control of your printing environment by simplifying and automating print processes with the integration of the PrinterLogic Epic Connector