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Allowing Employees to Print from a Mobile Device

Posted by Andrew Miller

Printing from mobile devices is never the cakewalk it’s supposed to be. It can be hard enough just on a tiny home network, let alone in a large-scale enterprise print environment. As a result, the question for IT departments who are seeking to implement enterprise mobile printing becomes: How can I allow my employees to print from a mobile device in a way that’s reliable, simple and secure?

Many mobile printing solutions promise to deliver on all these counts, but they don’t measure up in reality. That’s usually because they try to introduce mobile printing capabilities through a specific, rather than a holistic, approach. Which is to say, they might enable mobile printing, but not necessarily in a way that suits your print environment, or your users’ behavior. That invariably leads to complications and frustration—the very opposite of what your guests and employees should experience when printing from a mobile device.

With PrinterLogic’s enterprise Mobile Printing solution, your mobile, BYOD and guest users enjoy effortless mobile printing that’s as easy as tapping the “Share” button or sending an email. Because that’s all it takes to print from a mobile device once you’ve implemented it!

This works great for mobile employees who are equipped with company-issued mobile devices. There’s absolutely no extra software to install: no drivers, apps or custom OS tweaks. When they select a file and tap the “Share” button on their device, they can then choose a nearby PrinterLogic network printer as their print option. The print job will be sent directly to the print queue. It doesn’t matter where in the enterprise print environment these mobile users happen to be located, or if they’re running Android, iOS or some other mobile-optimized OS. Using PrinterLogic, mobile printing is almost easier than printing from a workstation, resulting in far fewer frantic calls to the service desk asking for help printing from a mobile device.

Guests and BYOD users have it just as easy, but in this case PrinterLogic’s Mobile Printing solution relies on proven email-to-print technology. Instead of tapping the “Share” button and selecting a PrinterLogic printer, users simply email their chosen file to the networked printer’s dedicated address. This is a huge benefit to freelancers, consultants and temporary employees, who no longer have to install drivers or try to connect to network printers and hope they have access rights. It’s also a huge benefit to IT, since you no longer have to fret over device compatibility. If a user’s device can email, it can print.

Enterprise mobile printing needs to be secure, too, and that’s another strong point for PrinterLogic. When you use our Mobile Printing solution, you and your fellow admins have full say over printer access, quotas and capabilities. If you don’t want certain guests to be able to print PDFs on a particular printer, or if guests are only authorized to print in black and white, you can configure that combination precisely. What’s more, with PrinterLogic, mobile and guest printing is subject to the same auditing oversight as any job initiated from a workstation.

PrinterLogic is changing the way enterprises like yours view mobile printing. It’s never been easier to allow your employees to print from mobile devices—and chances are that it will transform more than just your print environment for the better. To learn more contact us today for a demonstration or free 30 day trial.