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Simplify scanning for your entire organization

Unify the scanning experience, while easily managing security and user activity from a single pane of glass across multiple device manufacturers.

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Life without Simplified Scanning is hard

The scanning process baked into MFDs involves a user scanning their document, finding the saved file in a pre-configured destination, which varies from printer to printer, then manually attaching it to an email to share with other employees, including those remote (in a hybrid office space). This workflow is not only a poor user experience and inefficient, but also leaves room for human error, document mishandling, theft, and data loss.

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Centralize your digital document management

Archaic document management methods consist of cabinets or closets filled with paper documents. This limits collaboration between in-office and remote team members and costs money to continue to maintain, both in storage and printing costs. Ditch the fire hazard, clean out those closets, and go digital to ensure your team has access to everything they need—wherever they are.

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Go digital today with Simplified Scanning

Discover the quickest way to minimize paper processes by meeting with our dedicated experts today. 

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How it Works

PrinterLogic's Scanning Features

Enable users to digitize paper documents and easily share through email or to a cloud storage location (Google Drive, Box, OneDrive, or SharePoint) for improved accessibility and collaboration across your organization.

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Digitize Your Documents

Key Benefits of Simplified Scanning

Intuitive Interface

Standardize the scanning experience for end users with PrinterLogic’s embedded Control Panel Application.

Centralized Management

Oversee all MFDs, user groups, and print and scan activity from our Admin Console.

Cloud Storage Integration

Empower users to utilize cloud storage folders for greater document accessibility in a hybrid workplace.

Zero Trust Security

Authenticate users at all MFDs before they scan via username credentials with a PIN or badge swipe.

Regulatory Compliance

Meet industry standard requirements when scanning and sending personal or sensitive information.

Dynamic Reporting

Access all scan activity based on device, user, group, or department within the Admin Console.


“I love PrinterLogic, it helps centralize everything I need while also providing new innovative ways to keep the company up to date with printing.” 

Cara Wise

System Administrator III

Simmons Bank

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of companies regard digitization as an opportunity for their business.




of organizations plan to implement cloud print management solutions by 2024.




of organizations have a need for centralized management of scanner fleets.



Simplified Scanning FAQs

What does the Simplified Scanning solution currently include?

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Simplified Scanning is a part of your SaaS Core license that includes Scan To Email and Cloud, with additional planned scanning capabilities, such as Scan To Mobile and Network, and Optical Character Recognition (OCR).

Can I support Simplified Scanning in my environment?

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Scan To Email and Cloud is available for PrinterLogic SaaS customers. Support for the PrinterLogic Virtual Appliance will be available at a future date. PrinterLogic Webstack is not supported as the product reached End-of-Life in February 2023.

How are my documents kept secure during scanning?

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All users are required to authenticate their identity with the Control Panel Application (CPA) at their multi-function printer before using any Scan To features. PrinterLogic does not retain any scanned files to maintain compliance with compliance standards and requirements, except the metadata of the job for reporting purposes. All scanned files and emails are encrypted, ensuring your documents remain secure from the scan tray to the destination.

What is the maximum file size for sending scans through email?

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The current file size maximum is 20MB in this version of Scan To Email. Any scans larger than that size cannot be sent via email. We are working on allowing you to configure your own SMTP and set a file size maximum for your organization. In the interim, we recommend choosing a cloud storage location or separating documents and sending them in smaller batches through email.

Can I see what scanning activity has been happening in my environment?

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You can access the Simplified Scanning Jobs report in the UI and view all user activity, including the username and workstation initiating the job, time of the scan, and additional scan job details.

What file types are available for scan and upload?

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File types are supported based on the MFD and cloud storage provider capability, with common formats being TIFF, PDF, and JPEG.

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