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The Good, The Bad, and The Serverless

10 Pros and Cons That’ll Make You Want to Smash Your Print Servers Today.

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Pros of serverless Printing

Smash the Single Point of Failure

Let’s face it. You never liked your print servers anyway. Reduce infrastructure and get rid of spooler crashes for good.

Take Charge From a Single Console

Consolidate your print environment and address every print management task from a single console—no matter where you are.

No More PrintNightmare

Protect your printed documents from end-to-end and eliminate print spooler vulnerabilities once and for all.

Cut Out Scripts and GPO Deployments Forever

Eliminate the most unpredictable part of the job. Deliver authorized printers automatically to your end users by clicking a few boxes.

Print on the Go

That’s how every IT strategist like you feels in traditional print environments. You’ve probably dreamed of life without print servers for some time.


Fun Fact: ZERO PrinterLogic customers were affected by PrintNightmare.


of organizations are expecting to increase cloud-based print management usage by 2025.

Top Places to Print

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The beach
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Your favorite brewery
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A cabin in the woods
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Your Dungeon Master’s basement

Cons of serverless Printing

Overwhelming Amounts of Free Time

Now that managing your printers and users takes just a few clicks, you can finally revisit those old projects you never got around to. Or worse, managing all those cables in your workspace.

Finding a Place to Put Your Old User Manuals

Sorry to take away the joy of reading long, unexciting instruction manuals. Try putting them next to those old encyclopedias you never use

You’re Spoiled for Choice

You’ve reached the pinnacle of simplified print management. It’ll be a struggle deciding which exciting print management features you want that’ll change your life next.

Excess IT Budget

You’re under pressure because you have extra budget sitting around and have to spend it all before the end of the year. Could life get any worse?

End Users Won’t Call You…Ever

Users can install printers themselves without your help and your office is dead quiet. You might actually wish the phone rang sometimes…


of PrinterLogic customers reduced time spent on print management by more than half.


PrinterLogic customers can reduce print-related helpdesk calls by up to 95%

Need extra proof to support your case?

Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Here’s an entire playbook to help you convince your boss you need serverless printing.