PrinterLogic and Nutanix Frame: The Perfect Partnership
PrinterLogic’s integration with Nutanix Frame allows mutual customers to easily manage their printing environment in virtualized environments, including VDI and DaaS as well as their physical environment.
Simplify IT Management
Nutanix Frame and PrinterLogic enables the installation of centrally-managed direct IP printers on any Nutanix Frame-powered endpoint devices, providing a secure and uniform printing experience for end users and simplifying print management tasks.

This collaboration helps alleviate common challenges in VDI environments, such as:

Inability to reliably deploy and install printers at scale-

PrinterLogic provides a consistent self-service portal, empowering users to install nearby printers themselves without a call to the service desk.

Driver incompatibilities-

PrinterLogic allows for centralized driver management and deployment of native drivers, ensuring users have access to the full feature set of their printers.

Limited access to full printer features-

By using native drivers, PrinterLogic ensures that users have access to all of the advanced features of their printers.

“Forgetting” default printing settings-

PrinterLogic allows administrators to configure driver settings and even access the advanced settings of the driver interface to customize every printer function.

Challenges maintaining driver repositories and minimizing driver conflicts-

PrinterLogic allows for the compilation and maintenance of a common printer driver repository, ensuring that the right driver is automatically deployed to every user in the organization.

Lack of confidence and control over printer deployment-

PrinterLogic allows for precise provisioning of printers based on variables such as hostname, IP or MAC address, and IdP user, computer, group, container, or organizational unit (OU).

WAN bottlenecks and overhead associated with network VDI printing traffic-

PrinterLogic’s direct IP printing reduces WAN traffic by establishing one-to-one connections between clients and printers, as well as utilizing micro-segmentation to segment workstations and eliminate vulnerable print servers.
A Verified Solution
PrinterLogic is proud to be a part of Nutanix Frame’s verified partner program, ensuring that our direct IP printing platform has been thoroughly tested and is the preferred secure printing solution for our shared customers.

We are thrilled to partner with PrinterLogic to offer our mutual customers a simplified and enhanced printing experience. Their integration with Nutanix Frame is a valuable addition and expands Frame’s ecosystem support in enterprise print management!”

- Yangzhi Zhao, Director of Product Management, Nutanix Frame
Critical Benefits of PrinterLogic and Nutanix

Centralized print management via a virtual appliance or SaaS cloud platform

Deployment and management of native and universal drivers

Improved print security with direct IP printing and micro-segmentation

Single pane of glass for admin console and advanced reporting

Support for hybrid and remote work environments

Off-network printing capabilities

Self-service printer installation for end users

Why It Matters
Keep up with security and workforce demands by integrating Nutanix Frame and PrinterLogic. Our solution supports all major IdPs, offers admins powerful auditing capabilities, and reduces your organization's legacy infrastructure.

Plus, with the ability to manage hybrid/remote workers seamlessly, your organization can stay agile and flexible in today's ever-changing business landscape.

Stay up-to-date with changing security and workforce demands

Simplify print management in virtualized environments

Enhance end-user productivity

Reduce legacy infrastructure

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