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Enterprise Print Management

We help IT professionals eliminate all print servers and deliver a highly available Serverless Printing Infrastructure. With our centrally managed direct IP printing platform, you’ll empower end users with mobile printing, secure release printing, and many advanced features that legacy print management applications can’t provide.


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PrinterLogic Insights

Insights is a free reporting and monitoring solution for companies with up to 10 printers. Built on the PrinterLogic SaaS platform, Insights gives you visibility into printing, scanning, and copying activity while monitoring the SNMP status of your printers.


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The impact of eliminating our print servers was immediate. We no longer have to worry about print servers going down and disrupting business.

Roger VanOrman – Systems Administrator

Key Components of a Serverless Printing Infrastructure

It is a True SaaS Platform

A true SaaS printing solution is built on a multi-tenant back end. No VPN connection required, no server management or licensing to maintain. SaaS solutions deliver continuous updates and feature releases with defined uptime SLAs.

It Keeps Print Jobs Local

Don’t send your print jobs to the internet to be spooled. Make sure your SaaS printing platform can keep your print jobs on the local network behind your firewall.

It Supports Native Print Drivers

When you invest in the latest printing hardware, it’s important to use native drivers to take advantage of the full feature set. While universal drivers are useful in some scenarios, native drivers are the most common choice for enterprise printing.

It Integrates with Printer Control Panels

Users need a simple way to release print jobs from any printer they want. Make sure your users can authenticate at their chosen printer using either badge release or control panel login.

It Doesn't Require a VPN Connection

Some software can be hosted on a cloud server, but still require a VPN tunnel into your network, limiting accessibility. Serverless solutions should be accessible from any device with an internet connection, no VPN required.

It Supports VDI Users

Any modern printing solution should eliminate print servers and scripting, making it easy for you to deploy printers automatically wherever your VDI users log in. Whether you use thin or zero clients, ensure you can deliver the right printers using user ID, device name, or device location.