Print servers are the worst. Let’s smash them.

Get centralized print management in the cloud and eliminate your print servers with PrinterLogic.

The logical way to manage print

Deploy quicker without GPOs

— Customize deployments with just a few clicks and deliver printers to end users instantly—no scripts or GPOs required.

One platform, unrivaled functionality

— Gain complete insight into your print environment from an intuitive UI and increase printer uptime to boost user productivity.

Go beyond basic security

— Protect your confidential documents and data by keeping all jobs local and authenticate end users before they print via IdP integrations.
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Centralized, direct IP print management in the cloud

Built on the power of AWS, PrinterLogic delivers direct IP printing to your end users and empowers you to manage, track, and deploy printers from a single console.

Reduce Infrastructure

Experience efficient and cost-effective printing by eliminating your print servers and streamlining print management processes.

Powerful Integrations

Discover seamless integrations with popular VDIs, EMRs, EHRs, and ERPs to achieve a scalable and flexible print environment in your industry.

Elite Security

Leverage your current IdPs to authenticate every user before they print, receive secure printing functionality, and keep all print jobs on your local network.

Empower End Users

Reduce print-related helpdesk calls by up to 95% by allowing end users to find and install their own printers.

Save The Environment

Create eco-friendly printing habits by controlling print volumes and make printing more intentional to avoid costly misprints and duplicates.

Automatic Deployments

Deliver printers automatically based on IP address range to give mobile users instant access to network printers on the go.

Deliver a win for your IT team.

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Eliminate your print

Stop stressing over old tech and simplify your environment.

Liberate yourself from print servers forever with PrinterLogic’s centralized, direct IP print management solution. 


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You know eliminating your print servers is the best solution. Check out our guide to persuade your boss that going serverless is the only way.

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More on why you’re better off without servers

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The Good, the Bad, and the Serverless

Check out these 10 pros and cons that’ll make you want to smash your print servers.

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White Paper

Eliminating Print Servers

Get a technical overview of “how” and “why” PrinterLogic eliminates your servers.

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Overcome Your Biggest Printing Issues

Discover innovative features that align with Zero Trust standards and improve the user experience.

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The Neverending Saga

See how print spooler vulnerabilities can be avoided by making one simple change.

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