Create an Eco-Friendly Print Environment

Advanced features within the PrinterLogic Platform make it easy to create more sustainable print practices for your company—while reducing your current environmental impact with less infrastructure and waste.

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Reduce Your Environmental Footprint

Eliminate Your Print Servers

Beyond wasting paper, printing consumes a lot of resources. Servers alone drive up energy costs and waste time and money. Plus, the carbon footprint to make servers can reduce the impact of any other sustainable initiatives you may be implementing. Remove print servers to save resources and lower energy consumption for the entire company. Plus, you’ll free up IT resources for more new eco-friendly initiatives.

Control Your Print Environment

With PrinterLogic’s centralized direct IP printing infrastructure, you control all management and gain visibility into all print practices. Find where your resources are being wasted and implement better policies to ensure your company stays ahead of the curve on conservation. Simply enforcing pull printing policies can eliminate unnecessary printing, reducing the 1,400 pages wasted on average by each employee every year.

Less Consumption, Less Waste

Print servers are old technology that can be hugely detrimental to the environment. Producing these dinosaurs consumes a lot of energy each year. And depending on the type of energy used to make them, their carbon footprint only rises. Switching to a cloud-native solution allows you to be part of the AWS movement for a greener future.

Benefits of utilizing a serverless solution based on AWS:

  • Amazon has committed to using 100% renewable energy by 2025.
  • AWS is already utilizing 65% renewable energy since 2020.
  • The AWS infrastructure is approximately 3.6 times more energy efficient than an on-premise solution.

Eco-Friendly Print Management from PrinterLogic

Quota Management

Set defined limits for user printing, to control the volume of printing, reducing waste and keeping costs down.

Cost Reporting

Highlight where spend (and waste) is occurring in your print environment with a holistic view of your print practices.

Digital Workflows

Make printing more seamless with digital workflows that allow your team to print less overall and work more efficiently.

Centralized Management

Eliminating your print servers allows you to manage all of your organization’s printing from our Admin Console. Less time, less waste.

Simple Implementation

Easily administer PrinterLogic SaaS without reconstructing your current print environment so you can establish better practices quickly.

Unlimited Scalability

Some offices require more flexibility than others. No matter how many offices you have, you can set customized print controls to limit your footprint.

Convenient for End Users

Create print practices that work for both your users and the environment without overworking your IT team.

Enhanced Security

Keep confidential data encrypted until it is behind your organization’s firewall to ensure your important information is not at risk.

Reduced Infrastructure

Removing unnecessary infrastructure and consolidating licenses allows your team to put money and time where it’s really needed.

Go Eco-Friendly

Get an in-depth, customized view of our platform, and learn how easy it can be to establish sustainable print practices.

Stop Wasting Resources


of organizations recycle <10% of their IT hardware



of organizations predict sustainability to be important to their business by 2025



of organizations in the US are accelerating digitization plans for sustainability reasons



"PrinterLogic lets us do more with less. It’s greatly reduced the time we spend managing printing.”

Sustainability FAQ

How can I control wasteful printing?

The first step is knowing where waste is coming from. With PrinterLogic, you get visibility into print behaviors across your organization and all locations in one place. Then you can utilize our advanced features to implement rules around Secure Release Printing to reduce abandoned print jobs or use Print Quota Management to ensure printing is necessary and stays within budget.

Are my print servers really wasting resources?

Yes! Print servers are inefficient, costly to maintain, and often old. That means common problems occur, which can include duplicate print jobs, incomplete print jobs that get abandoned, and even data breaches. And because your IT employees spend most of their time on upkeep, they can’t focus on other sustainable initiatives.

How can I implement sustainable printing practices in my office?

It starts with the right infrastructure. Moving to a centralized serverless printing environment gives you more control and allows you to establish more eco-friendly print practices. From ensuring that the right people have access to specialized printers to spotting when there’s an uptick in wasted resources, our cloud-native direct IP printing platform makes it easy to lower your carbon footprint.

Does pull printing help reduce print waste?

Yes, it does. Many duplicate print jobs occur because of printing delays or abandoned pages that someone forgot to pick up. Our Secure Release Printing feature ensures that your user is at the printer and ready to receive their print job when they release it. It’s simple, secure, and easy to implement.

How important are eco-friendly print initiatives?

More important than ever. Most companies have realized that sustainability will be an important initiative in the future. And as many companies try to drive toward a paperless office, controlling print practices and using the right tools to help your users reduce print waste can be an easy first step.

Eliminate Your Print Servers

Find out more about PrinterLogic’s serverless solution and how easy it can be to implement a more sustainable and cost-effective print management solution.

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