Is Your VMware Printing Slow?

Posted by Devin Anderson

Time, as we all know very well, is money. And if you’re using a virtual solution like VMware, you’re aware that speed isn’t one of its strong suits. VMware printing in particular can be a huge productivity bottleneck. So when you tally all the hours your end users have spent waiting for documents to print, you can see the negative effect it might have on your organization’s bottom line.

Given the very nature of virtual environments, any number of issues can be at the root of slow printing in VMware View. One of the big reasons is that virtual environments aren’t always able to deliver the targeted deployments you need. Any user on the server could end up being associated with a printer based on a broad set of criteria—a lack of precision than can prove especially problematic in large and distributed environments. Fluid, fast and reliable enterprise printing requires the perfect alignment of workstation, driver and printer. Anything less can result in painfully slow printing.

Another potential cause of slow VMware printing is the high WAN overhead that’s needed to relay print jobs to the endpoint device. The shortest—and quickest—route between two points is always a direct one, so when print jobs are forced to ping-pong between multiple nodes across the virtual network, delays are pretty much inevitable. Not to mention the fact that the print jobs themselves can be data-heavy. As they travel over the WAN and back to reach the endpoint device (which might be located just a few feet from the end user), they consume a disproportionate amount of a precious finite resource: bandwidth. That doesn’t just mean slow printing in VMware. That means overall network performance takes a hit.

If your VMware View printing is slow, the usual tweaks and optimizations will only take you so far. You actually need to look beyond VMware for a solution. But you also have to make sure that you’re not adding another layer of software or hardware that could complicate your print environment and potentially introduce more problems.

PrinterLogic is a print management solution that integrates seamlessly with virtual environments like VMware. It addresses the issues at the heart of slow VMware printing—and many other issues besides—to ensure that the right users get the right printer every single time. These targeted deployments are possible because PrinterLogic identifies the physical location of your VMware users and then delivers both drivers and printers based on universal criteria such as Active Directory (AD) user, group, organizational unit (OU), proximity to certain printers, or hardware identifiers like MAC addresses. Even if VMware users roam during a session, PrinterLogic can dynamically remove and reassign printers as their location changes.

What’s more, PrinterLogic leverages direct IP technology to relay those jobs to endpoint devices with incredible speed. And it does all this without the need for time-consuming configuration and finicky driver management. In fact, PrinterLogic’s greatest strength is its simplicity. Through far-reaching features like centralized administration, self-service printer installation and automatic printer deployment, PrinterLogic streamlines routine print management and does away with clunky rights management protocols like group policy objects (GPOs) for even more performance-boosting benefits.

By implementing PrinterLogic to solve slow printing in VMware View, it’s possible for you to achieve an unprecedented level of speed, reliability and efficiency throughout your organization’s print environment. Contact us today—The ROI alone will show you how much time you’re saving.