Your Guide to the Best Places To Print This Holiday Season

There’s so much to love about the holiday season. Vacations, family time, gift-giving, and that overwhelming feeling of realizing that Mariah Carey’s All I Want for Christmas Is You is the only song you’ll hear from Thanksgiving until Christmas.

If you’re not in the office during the holidays, you can count on a coworker to ask if you have a confidential document they need at their desk immediately. But wait! You’re eating Thanksgiving dinner on the other side of the country with your family and you don’t want to send it via email. 

That’d be risky!

This is where PrinterLogic’s Off-Network Printing solution comes in handy. You can deliver print jobs securely to any network printer in your organization and pick them up later. Or collaborate with your colleagues to help them retrieve your print job in a matter of seconds. 

No joke. With PrinterLogic you can print to any printer behind your company’s firewall from ANYWHERE as long as you have an internet connection. 

Try these fun, real-life examples. 


Traffic Jams

It’s Black Friday. You finally have a day off and try to get ahead on Christmas shopping but you’re stuck in traffic. You remember that one of your colleagues at the office asked you for a document containing a client’s bank account information. 

Using Off-Network Printing (while the car is at a stop, of course), you can quickly send the encrypted print job from your phone to a network printer nearby your coworker. Just go into the PrinterLogic Mobile App and select the printer where you want to send the print job. 

Now. Let’s get those eyes back on the road. 


Resorts By The Beach

You’re supposed to be relaxing, taking in the sun, and living the high life, but you’re asked to send over documents containing critical data for a meeting you asked your trusted colleague to take the lead on. You have your computer on hand, turn it on, connect to the resort’s WiFi, and authenticate through your organization’s identity provider. 

Even though you’re on a completely different network, you can send that confidential 10-page document to your colleague in time for the meeting using Off-Network Printing. No hoops to jump through and no expensive VPNs necessary.  



Listen to live music AND get a little bit of work done? Sign me up! You’re rocking out to your favorite band that’s having its first concert after a ten-year hiatus. It’s a Thursday night, and you’re a contract worker who has an important meeting first thing in the morning with a high-profile partner. Of course, you have documents that you forgot to print off for the meeting.

Here’s the problem. The meeting starts at 7 am. You’re rocking out so hard that you know the odds of arriving early to the office are not in your favor. Luckily, you can print the documents from your phone to your printer while you’re “jamming out” and grab them right when you walk into the office tomorrow morning. 

Time saved and crisis averted!


In The Sky

Now you’re probably thinking, “You’re kidding!” right?

Nope. We took the saying “The sky’s the limit,” literally with this one. 

Think of all the times you’ve been on a plane going back to your main office and knew you had to print 20-plus different documents right when you walk through the door. Wouldn’t it be nice just to walk into the office and have the documents already in queue to print? Or already printed for you? 

Off-Network Printing makes both possible by allowing you to release your print jobs when you get to the office, or already have them sit in the print tray at your office waiting for you—all from the comfort of your narrow and cramped airplane seat. 


In Any Country

Traveling to Spain or Italy? How about a super-remote place like Mauritius? Regardless of which country you’re in, you can send print jobs from a foreign land to your office building. This also bodes well for employees traveling to remote offices out of their home country that already use PrinterLogic as their print management solution. 

(You just finished searching for Mauritius on Google maps, didn’t you?)

Imagine the possibilities of printing securely off-network to any of your organization’s office locations. 

  • You can keep confidential documents off the internet and have them delivered directly to the printer of your choice. 
  • You can send print jobs to locations where your international colleagues can retrieve them.
  • You can release print jobs in various locations as long as they are within your company network. 
  • You become an “International Printing Master.” 


Best Places To Print Honorable Mentions

Your in-laws’ house

A dance recital

A movie theater

A coffee shop

Why, Arizona

Waterproof, Lousiana

Llanfairpwllgwyngyllgogerychwyrndrobwllllantysiliogogogoch, Wales

Yes, the last three places are real.


Why Off-Network Printing?

In all of the sections above, you’ll notice a recurring theme: security. All jobs are encrypted until they reach the secure printer behind your company’s firewall. For even more reassurance, you can use Secure Release Printing so that every job is held until it’s released by an authorized colleague when they get to the printer. 

Overall, Off-Network Printing is perfect for organizations looking to:

  • enable Zero Trust networks,
  • accommodate onsite contractors that are limited to a guest network, 
  • and allow printing for business affiliates and clinics. 

For a technical overview, check out our Off-Network Printing White Paper

Looking for the complete security package?

Off-Network Printing is part of our Advanced Security Bundle (ASB) which houses all the solutions you need for a true Zero Trust Printing experience. With PrinterLogic’s ASB, end users gain pull printing and secure printing functionality, which print jobs aren’t printed until they are physically present at the print and release print jobs via one of several authentication methods.  Additional features in the ASB include Mobile App Print Release, Offline Secure Release Printing, and Concurrent IdP Support.

Click here for more information on our Advanced Security Bundle.