What You Need to Know about Enterprise Device Management

Up to now, there’s never really been a golden age for managing devices in the enterprise. Especially where printers are concerned. Back before computers and printers were networked, they were heavy, cumbersome things that needed to be deployed and configured manually.

When networking became more commonplace, admins were able to do more of their device management remotely and automatically. But it still called for a lot of painstaking manual intervention.

And just when things might have started to level off, the mobile revolution hit. New devices with very different feature sets hit the scene. Suddenly enterprise mobile printing, BYOD printing and cloud printing became a thing. Print-management solutions that had been in place for decades weren’t equipped to handle it. Admins once again found themselves doing a lot more manual management.

So, clearly, times have changed. What you might not realize is that device management has too. Next-gen solutions like PrinterLogic are bringing more scalability, functionality and ease of use to print management.


Enterprise-wide Mobile Printing

Many admins have struggled to fit mobile printing into their organizations. As powerful as today’s smartphones and tablets are, they’re just not designed for easy interfacing with printers. At best, organizations find that they can only support limited print functionality for a small number of mobile devices. Otherwise it’s just too much effort.

PrinterLogic’s enterprise mobile printing capabilities allow admins to extend printing to any mobile user regardless of their OS. Android and iOS users can print natively from their devices. Other mobile users can take advantage of PrinterLogic’s email-to-print functionality and simply send their print jobs to a dedicated printer-specific email address.

The great thing is that it’s incredibly manageable. Using PrinterLogic’s intuitive admin console, IT can easily authorize certain end users and printers for mobile printing. No GPOs required. What’s even better is that PrinterLogic’s serverless printing infrastructure accomplishes all this without the need for a single print server.


Plus BYOD and Guest Printing

Along with making enterprise mobile printing easy to implement and manage, PrinterLogic takes the pain out of BYOD and guest printing. If employees bring and use their own devices, they can take advantage of the same PrinterLogic functionality. In fact, you don’t even need to associate guest users with the in-house network.

Unlike the mobile printing features that legacy print management solutions offer, with PrinterLogic, there’s no client-side software that needs to be installed on the mobile device. Users don’t have to have a special app or a software bridge to print to authorized printers. PrinterLogic handles everything and makes printing intuitive and transparent for BYOD and guest users.

It’s easy on admins too. Instead of jumping through hoops to set up BYOD and guest printing, they can offer a universal solution that’s reliable, secure and straightforward. That’s as true for our robust cloud-printing solution, PrinterLogic SaaS, as it is for our on-prem solution, PrinterLogic Web Stack.


Changing How We Think of Device Management

IT pros who’ve wrestled with print servers and GPOs for years might find it hard to believe that device management in today’s complex enterprise could be such a piece of cake. But PrinterLogic has changed what you can expect from your print-management solutions.

Just look at Hunton & Williams, LLP. Here’s a large international law firm with 1,700 users and 700 printers in a Citrix environment. Their IT team needed to roll out enterprise mobile printing that was easy to use and easy to support. They also knew that common cloud printing solutions wouldn’t cut it. By implementing PrinterLogic, they were able to provide guests and mobile users with quick and easy print capabilities. The firm also tightened print security and eliminated all of its print servers in the process (read the case study here).

PrinterLogic can finally usher in a golden age of device management at your enterprise-scale organization too. Schedule a demo of PrinterLogic Web Stack or PrinterLogic SaaS today and try out our serverless printing infrastructure completely free of charge for 30 days.