Virtual Printing While Eliminating Print Servers

Printing in virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) environments can offset some of the inherent advantages of virtual solutions. As a lot of IT pros will confirm, it’s not always easy to get the right printers to the right users at the right time. That can put a damper on the consistency and ease of management many organizations hope to gain from VDI environments.

One of the most common issues with virtual desktop printing is ensuring that users who travel between locations are presented with nearby printers. That was a challenge The Conversant Group faced with several bi-coastal law firms that relied on Citrix printing (read the case study here), and their experience isn’t unique.

Another common issue is driver management. Although popular enterprise VDI solutions like VMware and Citrix allow for convenient centralized management of the desktop experience, it can be tough maintaining uniform and up-to-date versions of printer drivers—especially when you’re using multiple print servers.

The secret to seamless, effortless virtual desktop printing
It’s a lesson we learned in grade school: You’ll get more done by working with someone than working against them. That’s why the best printing solutions for Citrix and VMware don’t try to assume control of printing. That’s just a recipe for incompatibility issues. Instead, the best printing solutions leverage native VDI print capabilities and, well, make them better.

And that’s exactly what PrinterLogic does. Our serverless print infrastructure works alongside—not against—virtual environments to enhance their print functionality through centralized management and rock-solid direct-IP printing. That enables PrinterLogic to integrate seamlessly with any virtual solution and provide more reliable, more robust virtual desktop printing to end users.

What’s key is that PrinterLogic is able to accomplish all this without the need for print servers. That means you can eliminate your entire print-server infrastructure along with all its complexity and costs.

In the end, you get rid of single points of failure and maintenance hassle while gaining superior print management and more stability.

The benefits of virtual printing with PrinterLogic
Eliminating print servers and seamless integration are huge advantages to using PrinterLogic for virtual desktop printing. But they’re not the only ones.

Because PrinterLogic enhances VMware printing as well as Citrix printing, you can opt for several printer-provisioning methods—including driverless printing for greater ease of management.

You can also easily set up features like location-based printing. In many virtual environments, location-based printing can be hard to configure, but PrinterLogic’s advanced deployments allow users to get printers based on specific criteria like IP addresses. And what’s even better is that admins don’t have to touch a single script or GPO to deploy printers with pinpoint accuracy.

Another feature that complements the flexibility and mobility of VDI environments is PrinterLogic’s self-service installation portal. This is ideal for those users who frequently travel to new and different sites. Rather than relying exclusively on location-based printer deployments, they can simply visit a web-based portal, view a floor plan map and then click on the printer they want. The nearby printer—along with any related drivers—is installed instantly.

With PrinterLogic, the help-desk calls that always seem to accompany virtual desktop printing become a thing of the past. Just like print servers.

An endorsed virtual printing solution for every use case
No matter which virtual solution you use, PrinterLogic has seen proven results.

There’s Strata IT, for instance, an MSP that uses our solution in a Windows VDI environment (read the case study here). There’s Physician Partners of America (PPOA), a healthcare provider that uses PrinterLogic in a Parallels RAS environment (read the case study here). And Pioneer Technology uses PrinterLogic for Citrix printing (read the case study here).

Furthermore, our solutions come with official endorsements from the biggest names in virtualization. PrinterLogic Web Stack is verified as Citrix Ready®, and PrinterLogic SaaS recently earned VMware Partner Ready™ status.

Find out why PrinterLogic is consistently praised by our customers as the best printing solution they’ve found for virtual desktop printing and print-infrastructure reduction. Take a few seconds to sign up today and test PrinterLogic completely free of charge in your own environment for 30 days.