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VDI Printing Doesn’t Have to Be So Hard

There’s a common assumption that printing in virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) environments is destined to be difficult. It’s not just that VDI printing is inherently slow, it’s that the same fundamental VDI printing problems never really seem to go away. I’m talking about persistent VDI printing issues such as:

  • Reliably deploying and installing printers
  • Driver incompatibilities
  • Limited access to full printer features
  • “Forgetting” default printing settings

Regardless of whether your organization uses Citrix, VMware or another VDI solution, you’ve probably encountered one or more of these VDI printing issues. It just goes with the territory, right?

It doesn’t have to. PrinterLogic’s enterprise print management solution seamlessly integrates with any VDI solution, including Citrix and VMware, to provide the rock-solid printing, effortless management and reliable installation that are so often missing from VDI print environments.

In VMware environments, for example, PrinterLogic solves the usual VDI printing problems by introducing its renowned automated deployment, centralized management and self-service portal features. Automated deployment enables admins to deliver printers to VMware users based on their location using specific criteria like Active Directory (AD) user, group, organizational unit, IP address range and more – all without resorting to complex hierarchical group policy objects (GPOs). Centralized management overcomes many VDI printing issues by allowing admins to create, edit and remove printers anywhere in the organization from a single pane of glass. And PrinterLogic’s self-service portal empowers end users with the ability to identify and install nearby printers themselves without having to call the service desk.

The same is true for Citrix environments. In fact, PrinterLogic lets you choose between using the Citrix Universal Printer, Citrix auto-created printers and Citrix session printers. Each addresses VDI printing issues in different ways, so you can use the method that best suits your organization. Available features include driverless printing to ensure greater compatibility, utilizing native print job compression, or implementing PrinterLogic’s easy proximity printing functionality.

And if you’re frustrated by customarily sluggish VDI printing, PrinterLogic can speed that up, too, without having to resort to expensive technologies like WAN accelerators. Because PrinterLogic leverages direct IP printing technology, it avoids the back-and-forth WAN traffic that makes VDI printing slow. By freeing up print-related WAN bandwidth, it also has the potential to make the remote sessions more responsive ­– especially on throughput-constrained networks.

PrinterLogic also helps VDI organizations further pare down their infrastructure. Despite its ability to address so many recurring VDI printing problems, our next-gen print management solution has a remarkably small consolidated footprint. With a single instance of PrinterLogic, you can start eliminating print servers and all the headache and expense that goes along with them without sacrificing any of the functionality they provide.

So throw conventional wisdom aside and say goodbye to your ongoing VDI printing issues. PrinterLogic is the proof that VDI printing doesn’t have to be so hard.