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Users and Admins “Love” PrinterLogic Print Management Solution says Large Financial Services Company

Posted by Andrew Miller

A few months ago the independent research firm, TechValidate, sat down with representatives of a large-enterprise financial services company to see how they were getting on after installing PrinterLogic. The resulting case study (TVID: D0F-F5B-573) shows not only how ambitious the company’s goals were but also how PrinterLogic helped to realize them in full.

This financial services company had no fewer than ten major aspects of its print environment it wanted to address with PrinterLogic. It aimed to:

  • Centralize its print queue management
  • Consolidate its server infrastructure
  • Make printer installation simpler and more accessible for end users
  • Simplify printing in Citrix/VDI sessions
  • Ensure high availability for its enterprise print services
  • Manage Direct IP printing
  • Find an easy and efficient way to manage printer drivers
  • Improve the visibility into physical printer status (via SNMP)
  • Deploy printers without the need for scripts and group policy objects (GPOs)
  • Secure printer access and implement pull printing

What’s more, the company wanted to achieve all these goals in a sizable print environment that comprised over 500 networked printers and 150+ print servers, and was spread across more than 100 sites.

After installing PrinterLogic in just five days, this financial services company achieved every single one of those targets through PrinterLogic’s systematic streamlining of print management enterprise-wide. Here are just a few of the specific results:

  • Print-related service desk calls plunged by 70.
  • The company’s remote server infrastructure also shrank by 70%.
  • Time spent on print management was cut by 50%.
  • Printer downtime was reduced by nearly one-third.
  • Usage of print consumables was down 15%.

“PrinterLogic simplified the complicated print server setup we had and made printing as easy as a simple click. Users and admins love it. It just works,” said a company representative.

The organization went on to rate PrinterLogic as “great” in terms of printer driver management and printing security, and “excellent” in terms of ease of deployment, speed of deployment, and ease of use.

And this large enterprise financial services company didn’t just scratch off every item from its print management wish list—it saved money too. PrinterLogic had fully paid for itself by the six-month mark, and the return on investment (ROI) since then has been more than 100%.

TechValidate Case Study: Large Enterprise Financial Services Company