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Tired of Trying to Manage Outdated Print Drivers? Switch to a Serverless Print Infrastructure in Under a Week

One of the biggest root causes of printing problems in the enterprise is print drivers. That’s why it’s never surprising to hear IT horror stories of a single driver wreaking havoc across an entire organization. Rogue drivers can bring print spoolers to their knees, force end users to the brink of insanity and make life a nightmare for managed print services providers as well as in-house IT admins.

This is all made worse by the fact that many printing solutions don’t make it easy to isolate problematic drivers. Heck, they don’t even make it easy to deal with print drivers at all. Just consider these basic print-management tasks:

  • Managing drivers for large, diverse printer fleets or legacy devices
  • Keeping different driver versions organized and preventing users from installing the wrong one
  • Working with multiple print-driver repositories across different locations
  • Testing, updating and sometimes having to roll back new drivers

None of these are exactly painless when using traditional printing solutions. It’s no exaggeration to say that print servers actually make each of these tasks much harder than they need to be. But that last point—specifically, dealing with outdated print drivers—can quickly grow into a separate class of problems.

PrinterLogic’s serverless printing infrastructure can put an end to the hassle of outdated drivers. More than that, though, it can help you retake control of driver management across your entire print environment.

The net effect is more reliable day-to-day printing and fewer helpdesk calls. Which is great news for managed print services providers and IT support staff. But it also comes with further benefits, such as improved support for printing with mobile and BYOD devices.

What makes serverless printing ideal?

On the strength of its serverless printing infrastructure, PrinterLogic is able to provide fully centralized management. The entire print environment is unified under one admin console, giving you complete control over printers, drivers and settings from a single pane of glass. Admins can manage printer objects as well as profiles all in the same place. 

But the benefits of serverless printing don’t stop with management. Deployments are vastly simplified too, especially when compared to legacy printing solutions. Configuring automatic driver installations with PrinterLogic is a snap because drivers reside in a common repository. Driver updates and even rollbacks can be performed for a small user pool or the entire organization with just a few clicks.

Serverless printing’s positive effect on driver management is proven over and over through real-world examples.

UW Health had a fleet of 3,400 printers and struggled with managing the drivers for its legacy HP printers. PrinterLogic transformed their print environment. Tazergy, a company that offers IT solutions and managed print services for senior-living facilities, faced constant standardization challenges. PrinterLogic SaaS eliminated their driver incompatibilities. BankPlus found that conventional printing solutions complicated the process of maintaining drivers and print capabilities across 65 locations. PrinterLogic made driver upgrades simple and seamless. And that’s only to name a few.

Four easy steps to serverless enterprise printing:

The good news is that the road to serverless printing—and effortless print-driver management—isn’t long. PrinterLogic’s automated migration feature lets you leave your legacy printing solutions behind in just four quick and easy steps:

  1. Our migration tool copies printer objects, drivers and profiles from your existing print servers into the admin console.
  2. Using the CSV uploader, you can bulk import any unmanaged direct IP printers.
  3. The workstation client (macOS, Windows and Linux) silently converts windows shared printers into direct IP.
  4. After that, the PrinterLogic client enables centralized management of all printer objects.

Not surprisingly, there are also plenty of real-world examples that highlight PrinterLogic’s ease of deployment. Organizations like the Monmouth County Sheriff’s Office rolled out our serverless printing infrastructure in just three days (read the case study here). RC Willey Home Furnishings had PrinterLogic up and running in a single business day (read the case study here).

Wider surveys among PrinterLogic customers have shown that nearly 70% of them are able to deploy our solution in under five days. The fast, efficient migration process is the same whether you’re a managed print services provider or a large-scale, globally distributed organization.